“Nine Strippers”: Short Story Representing the 9 Sins of Stupidity, Pretentiousness, Solipsism, Self-Deceit, Herd Conformity, Lack of Perspective, Forgetful of Past Orthodoxies, Counterproductive Pride and Lack of Aesthetics

Published December 29, 2012 by glgiles


“Nine Strippers”:  Short Story Representing the 9 Sins of   Stupidity, Pretentiousness, Solipsism, Self-Deceit, Herd Conformity, Lack of Perspective, Forgetful of Past Orthodoxies, Counterproductive Pride and Lack of Aesthetics


If you’re looking for a read that showcases the top seven sins to many Catholics, as in lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride, then I hate to disappoint, but my fictional short story didn’t set out to cover those kinds—though those may have been inadvertently brought up in my story as well. However, as an aside, I reviewed, as Lucas McPherson, a book entitled “Of the Seven” not too long ago that did a great job of covering those kinds, and I recommend checking out this link if you’re interested in them:  http://targetaudiencemagazine.com/2012/08/its-saints-over-sinners-in-of-the-seven/


If you’re into more modern sins, a la Anton LaVey—but with my own fictionalized twist on them, being brought to the forefront and personified, then my story titled “Nine Strippers” may be just what the doctor/metaphysician ordered. 


I’ll start with the setting for my 17-page story. I thought a rather obvious setting would be a strip club—no surprise there as it’s titled “Nine Strippers.” I thought it was the perfect place to have the different personalities come together in a somewhat controlled, though certainly lawless at the same time, environment. Indeed, the plot is thickened with the added element of the various kinds of vampires I like to pepper many of my novels and stories with. Some are the more classical sort, but many of my vampires are of my own fabrication. Ones like my protagonist named Jade. Jade is the only stripper besides Portia who is in no violation of any of the 9 aforementioned sins. As an exotic dancer, Jade certainly values aesthetics, but she goes for a personal beauty that is certainly her own updated take on female beauty as a female bodybuilder; she’s not grouped in the classical female beauty category. In addition, Jade’s atypical beauty is balanced in a survivalist-oriented intelligent mind.  Altogether, she makes quite the pleasing, if intimidating, package. Furthermore, without getting too detailed here with what sort of vampire she is in my mythology, suffice it to say that she’s what I term a ‘yatvey’ or YATV (Young Adult Turned Vampire):  my yatveys have a ‘bug’ that kicks in around young adulthood which causes their extra bone growth/tumor in their mouth (mandibular and palatal tori, to be exact) to become fangs (with aid from their flexor and extensor muscles). 


Now for the nine strippers:  eight are female and one’s a male (no sexism here).  First stripper who Jade greets at “Grand Central Stripper Station” (also known as the dance club) is Sativa.  As her name implies, she’s fond of a certain drug, but that’s not why she’s one of the nine ‘sinners’. No, she’s ‘guilty’ of the sin of self-deceit in that she deludes herself by thinking that she’s being smart when she’s really a coward who deceives only herself.


Second stripper who Jade has the distinct ‘displeasure’ of dealing with is one who prides herself on being a Southern belle (well, of sorts—if newer money, and not much of it, from Myrtle Beach, SC counts) with a thick drawl and evangelical preacher for a papa; her name is Amanda Lynne. Though pride certainly plays into her make-up, it’s not necessarily the counterproductive kind, so that’s not the ‘one-of-the-nine’ sin she personifies. Rather, it’s the Lack of Perspective Sin she represents, as she’s lost sight of the fact that she’s the daughter of a Christian Evangelical Preacher who sees no hypocrisy in the fact that she embraces both evangelical Christianity, so some would consider that influenced by herd-conformity constraints, yet she’s a stripper at the same time which goes against many mainstream rules of propriety.  


Later on, Jade witnesses the arrival of “Paranoid Paige.” Paige does too many drugs and values her self-centered delusional world over what’s happening around her. In addition, she’s never valued learning, so she’s stuck in never progressing further as a human being. The ‘one-of-the-nine’ she’s most guilty of is solipsism. She expects everyone to be like herself, and ultimately that contributes to her demise (as far as the club never being the same after the SLED agents and vampire attack).


Later still, Jade sees the pretentious partners (for the two-girl shower show) with the rhyming stripper names:  Candi and Brandi.  Together they represent the sin of pretentiousness.


Even later, Jade meets the former-male stripper turned cop, Sergeant Tach (short for Tachyon). Not only is he a cop, but he’s the bad sort of psychic vampire:  the kind that feeds off of chaos, etc.. He’s the foil in a sense to my good sort of psychic vampire, depicted in Portia.  In direct contrast to Sgt. Tach (who should be a good person, in that he’s a cop, but he’s not), Portia (though working in a strip club) gives as well as gets and works for the common good—for the most part. If he’d bothered to study as Portia had, then he’d have known that he was guilty of one-of-the-nine as well:  Forgetfulness of Past Orthodoxies. He has no qualms about brainwashing people (including himself in a sense), and what he passes off as one thing is really another.


There’s also the dancer Calliope who represents the sin of Stupidity—though her stupid words are softened by the fact that she has a lovely voice. The other four sins are also covered through the various characters.  But to read what happens when South Carolina Law Enforcement Division agents storm the ‘counter culture locale’, also known as a strip club, then you’ll have to pick up a copy of my adult-content books which have “Nine Strippers” in it. They are: “Unputdownable Tales of Terror” (available at Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/Unputdownable-Tales-Terror-G-L-Giles/dp/1462667716/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1356814118&sr=8-1&keywords=Unputdownable+Tales+of+Terror) and “Days and Nights in Summerville” (available at Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/Days-Nights-Summerville-G-Giles/dp/1436348501/ref=sr_1_6?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1356814207&sr=1-6).  By the way, thanks to those who bought copies on Amazon since my last blog was posted.  Much appreciated!  I also noticed that Amazon sales increased for my now out-of-print books, “V3: The Vampire Vignettes Revamped” at:  http://www.amazon.com/V3-Vignettes-ReVamped-G-Giles/dp/1425767559/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1356814328&sr=1-1 and “V XXX:  Special Edition Compendium” at:  http://www.amazon.com/Special-Compendium-Vampire-Vignettes-I-III/dp/0981769969/ref=sr_1_4?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1356814374&sr=1-4 so thanks again!!


Hope y’all have a great New Year’s celebration…are safe and all that good stuff. And, sincere thanks for checking out this blog entry.




G.L. Giles






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