Interview with Camille Key of Charleston After Dark

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Picture of the lovely Camille Key (Photo Credit:  Kimberly Krauk of Zoom Photography)

Camille L. Key is the owner/operator of Charleston After Dark ( and  For those not living in the Greater Charleston Area, she is the gorgeous powerhouse responsible for many large-scale and unique events in the area,   strategic connecting, creative marketing, website development, etc. (including the Charleston, South Carolina Rose Ball).  You can contact her via the sites above or directly at

After moving from Denver, Colorado to Charleston, South Carolina, did you experience any culture shock?

Not really—I had visited Charleston and Kiawah before, numerous times, and I loved the beach and laid back atmosphere.  The only real adjustment was the fact that the job market seemed to only cater to F&B (food & beverage), attorneys or the medical field.  Moving from Denver, where I previously owned a mortgage company and where there are tons of large tech. companies, was difficult and at one point I did return to Denver for a contracted financial position for a few months before deciding to reside in Charleston.

You own and operate the marketing and advertising website CHS365—which advertises events produced via Charleston After Dark. Yet, it’s not just for those interested in Charleston’s nightlife, correct?

That is correct.  🙂  I dove into the tech world when I moved here after meeting developer, Steve deGuzman, who also has a background in the real estate industry.  Steve’s influence was vital to my interest in web developing as well as the development of CHS365.  He’s actually even responsible for the name and I still work with him to this day, even though his family has noww relocated to Denver.  CHS365 primarily is a website to advertise and market my events done under the name Charleston After Dark, as well as events for others such as the Charleston International Film Festival, Art Mag and IceBox Bar, all of which are wonderful organizations I’m grateful to be able to work with.  

Please tell readers a bit about how you were involved in promoting the wonderful Born to Explore TV Show.

 I would have to credit my past PR & Development relationship with Born to Explore to my great friend, John Barnhardt, owner of Barnfly Productions.  John is a very talented filmmaker and video production company owner who is based out of Charleston.  He’s been traveling the world as co-producer of Born To Explore with Richard Wiese and has been able to visit many amazing countries and really get an inside look at so many intriguing and diverse cultures.  When Litton Entertainment signed them to Litton’s Weekend Adventure, which is featured on Saturday mornings on ABC Affiliates Nationwide, John called me up to bring me on board.  Very cool show to be affiliated with and I couldn’t have been more excited for them when they were nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award in 2012.

Have you also worked in promoting visual artists/fine artists in the Greater Charleston Area, too? If so, then please name some.

Yes, I absolutely love working with artists from all over and especially love supporting the local creative community in Charleston.  I tend to collaborate with tons of them, which keeps me motivated and adds so much passion and character to each and every event we produce.  None of what I do would be possible without these creative people, and there are so many talented people in this town, which is the only reason I’m still here.  My typical creative team consists of Travis & Jessica Teate (photographers), John Barnhardt (video production), Jason Davis (Artist & Graphic Design), Jonny Sherwood (Make-Up Artist & owner of Jonny Cosmetics) and Patrick Navarro (fab hair stylist who lives in NYC but still travels down to Charleston for clients that can’t live without him).  More recently I’ve been blessed by Banks Pappas (Artist & Visual Art Production) as well as artists like Thomas Crouch who were among the group of artists brought in by The Art Mag to decorate the VIP for my New Year’s Eve 2013 Rose Ball Event.

Will the Rose Ball be an annual event now? 

Most definitely!  Boris Van Dyck, owner of IceBox Bar Services, was hands down the best partner I’ve ever been fortunate enough to work with, and we are already locked in to do the 2nd Annual Rose Ball next year at the Citadel Stadium.  The website will continue to be updated throughout the year with sneak peaks into the next Rose Ball.

Please tell us about some of the models and disc jockeys you’ve worked with—both in and out of Charleston.

Most of the time when working with models, I can say I’m fortunate to have an incredible group of friends to choose from who are local to the Charleston area.  During a large scale event, like Rain or Luxe, which we produced as finale events for the previous two consecutive Charleston Fashion Weeks, the runway show is directed by someone else we bring in to help.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with Charleston Fashion Week Founder and Fab Stylist, Ayoka Lucas, who styled and directed the runway show we did with Stevie Boi (designer to stars like Lady Gaga) and for the Democratic National Convention Late Night Events we produced in Charlotte.  I’ve also been fortunate to have worked with Robin Lee, owner of Robin Lee Models and Talent, in the past for Rain and Luxe.  Usually I’m working with the designers to help produce a runway show to showcase their clothing at one of my events around town.  I’ve enjoyed working with most of them numerous times, including, but definitely not limited to, the following; Stevie Boi, Rachel Gordon – ONE Love, Emily Bargeron – Mamie Ruth, Megan Waldrep – MEW Designs, Chelsie Ravenell – Kenneth Beatrice Clothing, Hilda Herro, Pamela Cannellas – Hot Jam Miami, Beth Pilger – Pilger Designs, Scott Cannon – Scott Free Collection from LA, Betty Bangs of Miami and Siobhan Murphy – Retulled Tutus. Some of the talented DJs and Artists I’ve been fortunate to work with over the past few years include:  DJ Cato K – Miami, DJ Steve Smooth – Chicago, DJ Ron Reeser – San Francisco, Percussionist Bam Bam Buddha – Chicago, DJ Arthur Bros – Charlotte, Electric Violinist Esther Anaya – Los Angeles, Singer/Songwriter Heather Friedman – Orlando, Mark Bryan – Lead Guitarist in Hootie & The Blowfish, Pianist & DJ Stephen Darby, DJ Pete Thiele of KlipArt, The Dubplates Band, Singer/Songwriter Tamsin Mac Carthy aka Circe Electro, Violinist Seth Gilliard, Mateo, Jake B and Wade Walker.

Where can readers go to learn more about your upcoming events?

There is actually a subscription link on my website at where you can subscribe by email to our blog, which is where we send out upcoming events information.   



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