Review of “Voodoo Mayhem”

Published April 15, 2013 by glgiles

“Voodoo Mayhem” is the conclusion of Bryce Warren’s horror trilogy, yet, as it’s also a standalone read, you won’t be lost in the storyline if you haven’t read the first two: “The Mortician’s Daughter” and “Beneath the Mausoleum.” The plot isn’t so overly intricate that you’re lost in the storylines, either. In fact, there’s just the right amount of action so that you’re led naturally from one plot-propelling scene to the next. As far as the title goes, you’ve probably guessed it: there’s plenty of both voodoo and mayhem to satisfy any lover of horror tales and mystery. Voodoo’s most definitely at play when someone is bringing back the dead by sprinkling red dust over their graves. These ‘zombies’ are known as ‘empties’ in Warren’s fictional world. One of the dead returned to ‘life’ is the ex-girlfriend of one of the characters. Charlotte had been the love of Kevin’s life, but she isn’t the same as an ‘empty’ now. And, in a twist on the typical love triangle, Kevin is becoming more and more interested in a character named Moira, who has wonderful gothic sensibilities as well as many other great attributes, like courage, which Kevin can’t help but notice! Nonetheless, it is a rather challenging situation in having a love triangle of sorts between two living characters, Kevin and Moira, and one dead girl: Charlotte. Add to that, one particularly insidious character, Mr. Garrote, has to be stopped before it’s too late. This book is also rife with other characters who both further the plot and add some spice to the storyline—like a nun who is wise in the ways of voodoo—one Sister Patricia, who knows a lot about poppets. Intriguing characters and a fresh plot make this a fun read and worthy of checking out.
G.L. Giles


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