Interview with Jamie Oliver (A.K.A. Khemical Komixz)

Published April 27, 2013 by glgiles

frank (2)

Jamie Oliver’s artwork has a cool ‘retro feel’ to it—reminiscent of old Harvey Comics and Rankin/Bass. Plus, Oliver has truly diverse taste in music:  from Frightwig to The Mantras to Anoushka Shankar. You can check out some of his artwork at and

Which pieces of your artwork would you describe as ‘textile art’? I know it’s oftentimes considered arts and crafts that employ plant and synthetic fibers to make practical or decorative things, but what is textile art to you?
My  signature pieces of textile artwork were definitely my silk paintings and my custom colors…to describe textile artwork, it’s like mastering using a 50-pound hammer to lightly tap something, and you must always remember you are working inside the fabric [rather] than on top of it or the bottom.

Which pieces, if any, that you’ve created represent the knowledge you picked up while taking your animation courses?
Two of the characters I have come up with.  At times, I do wish I had more of a Harvey Comics or Rankin/Bass style (of characters), but I have came to terms with finding my own style.

I love the variety of your artwork and the items it can be printed on at your site. It’s cool how your images can be printed on yoga mats, coasters, flasks, etcetera. Please tell readers about the various pieces you have there and what inspired them.

I love Cafepress, as it lets the indie artists sale their wares without the overhead of mixing inks. I also love the coasters and bags on there. My big inspiration was to give patrons the options to have my images on everyday items they normally use , and luckily, with print-on-demand, the product is always in stock.

By contrast, what does your site offer?

Imagekind offers more massive-size posters and prints. People really need to check them out and get familiar with the drop down bar menu that lets you select the size you can have things printed:  they’re as massive as three and a half feet by five feet. And, you get to chose the option of what grade canvas paper you choose. My enhanced matte and premium photo glossy prints that size retail for under a hundred dollars, if you buy [them] unframed. It’s amazing what print-on-demand offers these days.

You and I share a love of the music of Ravi Shankar which certainly lives on after his passing late last year. When did you first become a fan of his?

I became a devotee of Ravi at 15, and I was one of the early followers of his East Meets West record label. I’m a huge fan of Anoushka Shankar; she really does her own thing:  everything from blending different cultures of music to orchestras. And, I have always loved Norah Jones; she is amazing, and a great piano player. I truly enjoy a lot of piano and organ music.

Which other bands do you listen to on a regular basis? And, why?

I like my rockers! Looking forward to listening to Frightwig and a band out of Atlanta called The Rhythym Yard (also known as T.R.Y.); they are fronted by an amazing drummer, John McKnight. I am also into a great guitarist named Mike Martin. He has played in several different bands, and he’s an extremely talented guy, but knows how to have fun with it. I always dig what The Mantras are doing, too.

What’s in the pipeline for you for the rest of 2013 and into 2014?

Hopefully, over the next two years I will be doing more concept artwork along with being an art director along with producing digital multi media projects as well as organizing group projects. I’m by no means ready to become a ‘desk jockey’ or have people referring to me as ‘the boss’. My ego just doesn’t work that way in a work enviroment with other people. It’s a lot easier for everyone  involved when you have a concept and a budget to work with—[better] than randomly calling people saying what should we do. <hahaha>


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