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Review of “Gin and Lime, Whiskey or Wine?”

Published May 31, 2013 by glgiles

Review of “Gin and Lime, Whiskey or Wine?”

The tone in this book is high-browed and unquestionably smart, yet it is also down-to-earth with numerous anecdotes included as well, so it shouldn’t be off-putting to any audience. One of the chief strengths of this read is the fact that it celebrates those brave enough to face old age, mainly with laughter and other friends—and, hopefully a large pension! Written by Colonel Mahip Chadha, who was commissioned in 1966 into The Second Battalion/The Third Gorkha Rifles, it also includes fascinating insight into some of the military movements of India and Pakistan in yesteryear. Plus, some young men found their fortune only by signing up in the military, so a couple of their stories are brought to light. Colonel Mahip Chadha’s story didn’t end with the military, however, as he became the President of Helios Aviation, amongst other careers. When Chadha’s wife, Kiran, passed in 2010, he turned to writing. Besides “Gin and Lime, Whiskey or Wine?,” Chadha also has the books, “Grit, Guts and Gallantry” and “Soljer, Soljer” to his credit. In “Gin and Lime, Whiskey or Wine?,” there are also Indian dishes brought up which should delight many gastronomes, and the read even contains some Urdu (a combination of Hindustani and Persian) words and phrases which will bring pleasure to many logophiles as well. As Chadha mentions in the Preface, “Stories have to be told.” And, his love and respect for his father-in-law (Colonel Prahlad Singh Sethi, whom became like a father to him when his own passed) and other senior friends, sometimes referred to as the ‘Old Timers’, is reflected in this book—which is in large part a tribute to Sethi and his peers who were remnants of the Victorian era. Indeed, it’s Chadha’s “…story of this group as [he] witnessed it…” (Preface). As Chadha also brings to light in the Preface, “The feverish discussions [of the aforementioned group of seniors] also prevented the ingress of another intruder—dimentia or Alzheimers!” For entry into a world that most have never been and for the delightful humor and stories found within, then I’d recommend picking up a copy and checking it out!


G.L. Giles

A New Review of My “Hurricane Hound”

Published May 23, 2013 by glgiles

Interview with Christopher Kokoski

Published May 21, 2013 by glgiles

Introduction (from Amazon):

Christopher was born in Kansas, the son of an Army Ranger and Black Hawk pilot. He grew up in Kentucky and Germany,  and graduated from Murray State University in 2002 with a degree in Organizational Communication. He spent the next three years laboring over his first book, Past Lives,  while getting married to his college sweetheart, having a beautiful daughter, and more or less finding his stride in life.

He currently lives in Southern Indiana and works in Louisville, Kentucky as a national trainer. He has presented at local and national conferences on a wide spectrum of topics including communication, body language, cultural sensitivity and influence. Other notable activities include writing articles, short stories, novels and training materials for national and international audiences.

Christopher continues his passion and dedication to writing by working on additional novels, including a sequel to the Past Lives series, and a standalone paranormal thriller, Dark Halo. His most recent project is a short story, Drown, as part of the multi-author collection, Man-Made Troubles: The 5 Minute Frankenstein.

Stay up to date on the latest news and information by checking out the following sites: Twitter: @Eric_Shooter

*What tips can you offer new writers—as far as building their social media audience goes?

I’m no expert, but here are some tips I’ve picked up along the way. 1) Sign up with the major players (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as of now) and wherever your readers are. 2) Have a strategy. Find out when (days of week and time of day) the majority of your audience are engaged. Post at those peak times to maximize your message. 3) Be real. Converse, comment, ask questions, share yourself. Promote rarely, but do promote. Avoid constant ads. People get tired of being marketed to, but love to connect with real people. 4) Upcycle and recycle your content. I post and tweet the same content, create blogs and videos from my tweets, and Pinterest Pins from my blogs/posts/tweets. No need to create new content for every site. Reuse, reuse, reuse. 5) Keep your posts short, use images and ask questions to engage. Mix things up. Post different content. 6) Don’t forget to focus on your writing!

*Are you still a big proponent of Facebook—even after its going public last year?

Yes, Facebook continues to be one of my major social media tools. If my audience is using it, I want to be involved. If the majority of readers and potential readers shifts, I’ll shift with them.

*What do you think of Google + these days, as far as its being a place for authors to network successfully?

I’m on Google + but am still learning how to best leverage it as an effective networking site. My current strategy is to recycle content from other social media sites with an added emphasis on including photos since pics look great on Google+.

*You’re the author of two well-received novels: “Past Lives” and “Dark Halo.” What inspired you to write these books?

“Past Lives” resulted from a collision of my fascination with hypnosis and my love of mysteries/thrillers. The question that sparked the series is, “What if a man discovered under hypnosis that he is a reincarnated serial killer?”

“Dark Halo” started as a writing exercise. I was writing first lines of novels when one struck me as unique and riveting. After a page, I knew I had a story on my hands that I wanted to tell. It took a while to figure out that “Dark Halo” focused on a grief-stricken father trying to keep his family alive in a 3-day Armageddon in a small, Southern Indiana town.

*What can you tell us about the sequel in your Past Lives series?

I can tell you that the sequel was a blast to write, and that it takes place a year after the first book. I can also share that several new characters are introduced that will feature largely in the series. Finally, Detective James Wolfe discovers the identity of his pregnant wife’s murderer. You’ll have to read the novel for the rest!

*Did you attend the Vampire Diaries Convention this year? If so, then what were the highpoints of the experience for you?

Yes, I attended this year. The event turned out to be highly productive. I credit the increased book sales to zero competition from other authors (I was the only author) and a great target market of paranormal fans. In the non-book world, the highlight was taking a picture with a few of the stars from the Vampire Diaries show.

*What’s in the pipeline for the rest of 2013?

Other than the release of the sequel of Past Lives, I’m working on another novel and starting a nonfiction book. When I get those finished, I’ll likely wrote the third book in the Past Lives series and another nonfiction book. I have a list of book projects waiting in the wings!

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Thanks for the questions. I really appreciate the opportunity!


You’re certainly welcome!



Here’s the Facebook Community/Public Page for My Soon-to-be ‘Escaping’ “Water Vamps”

Published May 17, 2013 by glgiles

“Water Vamps” will be available at the BlackWyrm Publishing Booth at World Horror Con. in New Orleans next month! Hope to see you there…

Fun Talking to Jason D. with MPP on Kinetic HiFi Radio Recently! :)

Published May 14, 2013 by glgiles

You can hear me on the second half of his radio show in this recording—I’m talking mostly about my children’s picture books:  “Hurricane Hound” and “I Want My Kitty Cat TV!”

Go to the My Positive Perspective Archives (from 2-27-13) on Kinetic HiFi Radio at this link to listen:

My Review of Iris Berry’s “The Daughters of Bastards”

Published May 8, 2013 by glgiles

Review of Iris Berry’s “The Daughters of Bastards”


It takes a great amount of courage to honestly write of one’s personal journey—especially if the autobiographical accounts contain both beautifully bold and refreshingly unvarnished truths, as Iris Berry’s do! From her time spent with those she admired, like Steve Lowe, who owned the Beat Motel in Desert Hot Springs and who had “assisted [William] Burroughs at the peak of his career” to those agonizing times like when a cheating ex-boyfriend named Bob got ‘custody’ of their cat, Crayon, after their separation—even though Crayon clearly wanted to live with Iris, as Crayon kept finding her even blocks away (p. 104). Berry’s exceptional writing disputes the assertion of what Los Angeles is billed to be in many people’s minds. Instead, she straightforwardly shows the underbelly of the city—without the façade of all things aesthetically pleasing. Yet, the gritty reality of life there, under the layers of topsoil, in the ‘80s wasn’t without its own anarchistic appeal. For instance, Berry had the amazing opportunity to check out the “…local punk bands: the Circle Jerks, X and Fear. Or imports and out-of-towners: The Clash, The Damned, Sex Pistols, Johnny Thunders and The Velvet Underground” (pgs. 32, 33). Plus, one of the places she was fortunate enough to hang out in was the Zero Zero. The Zero Zero was a cool counter-culture “…Hollywood underground afterhours club. If you didn’t know it was there, you didn’t know it was there. You had to know somebody. Tucked away in an unmarked storefront in the shadow of the Capital Records building on a lonely strip of Cahuenga Boulevard, just off the 101 Freeway, as it spilled into Hollywood heading south from the San Fernando Valley” (p. 24). Berry’s childhood was less-than-ideal, but she managed to channel the heartbreak in a healthy manner—not by lashing out at others, but by bleeding it into her sometimes gut-wrenching writing over the years. The title, “The Daughters of Bastards,” in a broad sense refers to her wrestling with her personal journey, from birth onwards, as it’s a “…grappling with the idea of origin and the drift that occurs when the umbilical cord has been cut and the search begins for what might have been lost at the beginning” (p. 119). Yet, there’s also a sense of hope in the fact that what might have been lost is forever kept—via the memories and the words painstakingly recorded in this memoir. Definitely worth picking up a copy!

G.L. Giles

Interview with Gary Starta

Published May 5, 2013 by glgiles

New Cover for Demon Inhibitions

I love the heroine/protagonist (in many of your books): Caitlin Diggs! Is she based on anyone in particular in real life?

She’s been in my mind for the past eight years and I think of her as alive but she’s pure fantasy. I can see actresses possibly portraying her like Carla Gugino. I have a mind’s eye vision of her whenever I think of her name. It’s a funny thing about being an author. She lives but not in the realm I see in.

Please tell readers, who are unfamiliar with your books, which of your novels she appears in.

Caitlin Diggs is a Special Agent with the FBI and appears in Blood Web, Extreme Liquidation, Demon Inhibitions with cameos in Murder By Association and Kindred Killers – where she appears as a crossover character in the Stanford Carter novels. He, also in turn, appears in all of hers. Fairly soon, she’ll appear in 9 Incarnate, another Diggs novel which has been contracted with Whiskey Creek Press. I encourage readers to jump in with any book. Each book has a definitive ending and background information.

I’ve had the good fortune of reading and reviewing a number of your novels at this point. I have read some of your science fiction/paranormal thrillers/fantasy romances, etc.—like “Extreme Liquidation” and “Demon Inhibitions”—and even your crime novella entitled “Murder by Association.” Why are you drawn to writing in these genres?

It seems crime is at the heart of these novels, but for the most part it’s the paranormal edge that peaks my curiosity and hopefully the readers. I am fascinated with situations where conventional won’t do. Caitlin Diggs assumes abilities after contacting an artifact. It’s these abilities that will have to step up her game to catch a perp who also might possess strange powers.

Besides having human characters, you also have a well-drawn character in the beautiful (and psychic) Tonkinese cat named Celeste. Please tell readers which of your books she is found in and if she was based on a real-life cat(s).

Celeste, like Caitlin, appears in the aforementioned titles. She started out in a short story called Animal Instincts where her savvy leads to the capture of a supernatural killer. I am excited to say she has a doppelganger named Bastet in Demon Inhibitions and 9 Incarnate as a parallel universe has opened. She is based on a real life cat who has many names, among them: Mistress Quickly. A real Alpha cat, she is a feisty Tonk who definitely fits the bill for the character.

I have always found it interesting that you were a journalist. Do you feel that having been a journalist has aided you in creating your fiction? If yes, then how?

I am still not quite sure. I think I approached my first novel with reporting in mind. I have even created a couple of minor characters who are journalists. In journalism, you want to report the most interesting and important fact first. But that isn’t necessarily so in fiction writing because you want an interesting beginning but don’t want to play your hand so to speak when it comes to the most important details of the story. I really am not that conscious of it. Writing seems to be writing in my world and I am comfortable with doing either.

Switching gears, I know that you and I shared a love of the television series Fringe. What did you think of the series finale?

Wow! This is the best question I will probably ever be asked! I did love that show mostly because it brought all kinds of probable pseudo science possibilities into play and allowed us to ponder what if they came true. It seems fringe sciences may one day be accepted. I strive to bring many theories into my stories as well.

But getting back to Fringe, beyond the science, the characterization was a great draw. You have to have plot and characters with equal appeal and Fringe did this. I was saddened to see the end where Walter Bishop left our timeline. But it kind of made sense because his Peter was originally from another realm and it seemed the universe had to even things out. Maybe the universe really does have a consciousness to do this. It also was interesting that the end mirrored the beginning of the series with Walter being a vague memory in Peter’s mind.

What series are you vested in now? And, could you see your books being made into movies and/or television series?

I surely would hope! Actually, I like the books first and foremost. How many times have you heard someone say ‘the book was better’? Probably because it was! Some of my readers see what I’m writing so I guess it would make for good visuals on a screen. It would also be awesome to have great actors cast who could actually bring that character to life and beyond. I am writing a new series involving paranormal investigators. I think this might work in film.

What projects are you currently working on?

A series called Camden Investigations. The first two books are written which focus on the coming together of ghost hunters and Ufologists.  I wanted a present day scenario with no detectives, just ordinary people dealing with extraordinary situations. If you like the paranormal, artifacts, science theory and suspense this series should peak some interest.

My other book coming out this year is called Dead Market. It’s about a cop turned zombie who finds Big Pharma was behind his transformation. The funny thing is I based it in Florida before I moved there.

Where can readers go to check out your wonderful books? 

The easiest way to see the books is Amazon Central:

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Thanks, Gary, it’s been a pleasure!

Thanks for having me and I wish you success with your upcoming release!