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Interview with Elia Berardi of Autumn in Helen

Published June 7, 2013 by glgiles

ImageHailing from Italy and relatively recently formed (in 2011), yet already making quite a splash with their haunting melodies, aesthetically appealing YouTube videos, etc.,the Gothic-darkwave band called Autumn in Helen consists of Elia Berardi (lead vocalist) and Dani (keyboard player). I was fortunate enough to catch up with the wonderful lead singer, Elia, here:

GL: How did you come up with the name Autumn in Helen?

Elia: The  name “Autumn in Helen” is a metaphor, it recalls the change and transition that a human being meets across a lifetime. Helen is an ideal character emerging from our songs in which everyone could identify himself.

GL: Elia, you contribute the lead and backing vocals and Dani does synth and programming, but who mainly writes the lyrics?

Elia: Dani mainly writes the lyrics, but we often modify them together to fit the vocal lines.

GL: So, Dani wrote the lyrics to “Angel in Disguise” and “66 breaths”?

Elia: Yes, as Dani is the poet!

GL: Which of your YouTube videos has had the most views? And, to what do you credit its success?

Elia: Our most viewed YouTube video is “Down the Line”, but we think that “66 breaths” video brought us more fans. “Down the Line” is a very simple video, we wanted to do something to let the people concentrate on the music. In “66 breaths” we wanted to tell a Goth love story in which the main theme is separation in life, and maybe this story has allowed more people to be interested in the band.

GL: Which darkwave bands of yesteryear were you most influenced by? And, why?

Elia: We are not really into darkwave; we appreciate a lot Joy Division and the 80s, but I think that our music is more influenced by literature than a band. Our music maybe is very influenced by Goethe, Baudelaire, Blake, Edgar Allan Poe and many more.

GL: What projects are on the horizon for the rest of 2013 and going into 2014? Do you have any tours planned?

Elia: In a month our first EP will be released and it will be available in every digital store. The final title is “Embrace in cold blood” and it will contain all the previously released tracks and a brand new song, “Underwood tale”. We think we will work on a second EP in 2014, and we are planning a tour all over Italy and probably in some major European city to try to enlarge the audience.

GL: Where can readers go to check out your darkly delightful music? And, where can they go to connect with you? (social networking sites)

Elia: Our fans can find us and our music at: