My Interview with the Frontman for LoveGrapes!

Published July 24, 2013 by glgiles

1078224_538735119506860_1364142051_n (2) (Picture of LoveGrapes at the Semifinal Club, Courtesy of the LoveGrapes’ Facebook page)

LoveGrapes is an up-and-coming band I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know via Facebook. Though they haven’t released an album yet, their single titled “Devil’s Groove” is already getting a good amount of attention—due to their unique sound and a cool video (with film footage used from Dimitri Kirsanoff’s “Menilmontant” (1926)) paired with it. You can check it out on their Facebook page at:

I had the pleasure of catching up with LoveGrapes’ frontman, small-j jonny, here:

GL: Your band, LoveGrapes, was founded in 2006, and you hail from Helsinki, Finland, correct?

sj: Yes, and we do.

GL: Is your current line-up of you (frontman/vocals, lyrics), White Nitro (bass), The Kid (guitar), Nikotine Fit (percussions) and Bleached Lightening (organ, piano) the same as it was in 2006?

sj: In 2006 it was myself, Bleached Lightening and White Nitro. A guitarist and friend I’d been playing with since the late 90’s –off and on– helped us out a lot at the time, as did a really neat drummer I bumped into at a practice room next to one Bleached Lighting and I were using for awhile. My guitar playing friend had to drop out when he got the first of three adorable girls, and the drummer couldn’t commit to all the gigs we had at the time. Sometime later, can’t remember when exactly, I met up with Nikotine Fit and The Kid.

GL: Which venue(s) has LoveGrapes played?

sj: We gig a lot at a place called ‘Semifinal’ here in Helsinki. It’s also referred to as ‘The Semifinal Club’. It’s sort of the CBGB of Finland. Those interested can check it out at:

GL: What’s in the pipeline for the tail end of 2013?

sj: Nothing in the pipeline really—except a few gigs. A high-light for us each year is playing the annual Halloween Happening at Semifinal. It’s always on a Saturday and will be the 26th of October this year. We may also do some messing about in a studio, but there’s nothing we’re really committed to on that end at the moment. A day at a time I guess.


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