Interview with the Stunningly Stylish Rebecca Seven!

Published October 18, 2013 by glgiles

frightwig ep

Rebecca Seven is the delightfully wicked creator of the salaciously stunning line of haute couture clothing fittingly called Viva Rebecca Clothing! She specializes in one-of-a-kind fantasy design, and she has outfitted many celebrities, including rock stars and movie stars from Motley Crue’s guitarist Mick Mars to Hollywood legend Raquel Welch. No stranger to wearing striking apparel herself, she has been known for expressing herself in wonderfully unforgettable ways since her days in the ‘80s as a guitarist and part-time vocalist for the groundbreaking fem-core band Frightwig ( Truly a versatile artist, she works in a variety of materials—including organic and vegan items (for specialty orders). You can view more of her totally captivating and unique designs at


GL:  First, it’s so great to be interviewing you again, Rebecca. I know it’s been a whirlwind year for you since last time. Lots of great things happening for you—for starters, I was so happy to hear that you’re playing with Frightwig again. How did that come about?

RS:  I am happy to be playing. I was looking at photos and getting nostalgic, and I just missed the creepy chemistry of us playing. Playing with Mia, Deanna, Cecilia and Eric is a huge flood of emotions…happiness…because I love playing, and I feel content because we shared a lot of history together. Deanna asked me early this year to come to a rehearsal and reconnect. I brought my guitar and plugged in. I think we played “American Express”…it was the best feeling. I was nervous, but I wanted to be a part of it so bad.

GL:  I also heard that Frightwig is playing at Meow Con in Austin. What dates will you be there? And, will you be on any panels?

RS:  Meow Con is October 24th-October 27th (2013). We are playing and on a panel. Jean Fury will be interviewing Frightwig. I haven’t been asked to speak at a costuming panel at Meow Con which is unfortunate because the most successful female performers of today spend a lot of time on their stage-wear. It’s very important to have a strong visual impact! Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry all put a lot of energy into their look, and I can’t stress enough how important that is.

GL:  Which album(s) is Frightwig currently promoting? And, where can readers listen, download, etc.?

RS:  Hit Return is the title of the latest Frightwig release. We re-recorded all the faves with a twist. Plus, a new ‘old song’. It’s on iTunes, CD Baby or you can get it at

GL:  To me, you are the embodiment of living the ‘luxe life’, but on your own terms, and I so admire that!! Love how you put it at your Facebook page with, “I have sewn for humans, dolls, puppets, animals, automobiles and rockstars, but nothing is crazier than sewing for giant moving statues.” LOL Please tell readers about your involvement with the ‘living statues’, Ceasars Palace and the Emmys.

RS:  I am part of a small team working on revamping the statues at the Forum Shops at Ceasars Palace. They are nine feet tall, and so much leather was used sewing for giants. Four giant cow hides for the skirt and for the cape. My sewing machine was going overtime. Killed ten pounds of thread. Nothing is stranger than sewing a sleeve as long as my inseam. The statues are moving armatures with false teeth and glass eyes—they needed to have the foam waists zipped around them so I could fit them. They also needed the rubber skin mask applied so the wig could be fit along with the crown. Also, every seam needed snaps or velcro.  These aren’t humans or dolls—everything needed to be thought out carefully. The ‘forum shops display’ will open in November.  

While I was getting the statues dressed, I got a call to design two dragon-style capes for the Game of Thrones dance sequence for the Emmys. Very exciting! Very short sequence. I love what I made. I also designed the dress that Katy Perry wore on SNL recently. I loved that!

GL:  I saw her dress on SNL…loved it, too! Switching gears, you drew the cover art for “Every Good Boy Dies First.” Was it the subject matter in the book that drew you to it or the author’s blog? Something else?

RS:  I am a huge fan of Andy Seven’s writing. I read the book, and it is probably the most realistic book about being in a band, and I wanted to draw the cover.  Andy’s book is a punk rock book, and I wanted it to look like a punk rock flyer. I love pen and ink. I also drew the cover for my Dad’s book:  “The Underground Dwellers.” 

GL:  What’s in the pipeline for you this tail end of 2013 and heading into 2014?

RS:  I designed spokesmodel outfits for the Australian skincare line EVE. Thierry Mugler is my fave designer. His lines influenced the cut:  Tight waist, skinny sleeves, flared hip pencil skirt. I used super 180 wool—very fine, very thin—and placed the logo in gold a few places. The first ones have already been shipped out. Plus, commercials, a cave girl dress, fixing up my guitar—which is a never ending job.

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