Interview with the Inspirational Jason Deierlein!

Published November 5, 2013 by glgiles

Jason Deierlein is one of the most inspirational human beings I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know over the last six years or so. He has both a popular internet talk show (based out of Charleston, South Carolina) and a new radio show on Kinetic HiFi—both are fittingly called My Positive Perspective. One of the best ways to explain what My Positive Perspective is is through his own mission statement at

“About My Positive Perspective: Our Mission

THINK POSITIVE! “You become what you think you are.” More specifically, you become what you think…about.

Stay positive. No matter the obstacle, you can persevere.

– Help people get through life changing events

– Reinforcing the power of education and how it can uplift and improve one’s life

– Interviews with inspirational individuals who help improve society and lives

Company Overview

My Positive Perspective is a video blog started by Jason Deierlein, a popular motivational speaker and author in Charleston, SC.


“In 1995 I had a life changing event. I was involved in a tragic car accident resulting in me being in a coma for 7 weeks. My long recovery couldn’t have been accomplished without the help of therapists, fellow rehab patients, friends and family.

I was lucky, but met many people who, sadly, were less fortunate than I was. Their stories and bravery inspired me to help as many people as possible. I overcame. Now I want to help others overcome.

Through My Positive Perspective, I hope to educate and empower people so they can believe in themselves and overcome any challenge, no matter how big.” –  Jason Deierlein

General Information

My Positive Perspective is dedicated to:

– Personal thoughts and beliefs acquired through my experience to help others improve themselves

– Providing support for victims, families, and friends as they cope with brain injury

If you are interested in sharing your positive perspective in an interview with me, please send me an email to or”


Though he’s well-known to many Charlestonians at this point, that’s not what makes him really stand out to me. Rather, it’s his attitude (which has never been a ‘poor me’ one despite all he’s been through). To view a bit about his personal journey from tragedy to hope to building an entirely new life for himself, check out this video: To connect with My Positive Perspective on Facebook, visit


GL:  Please tell readers about your book titled “Return from a Comatose Mind.” (synopsis and why you were inspired to write it)

JD:  I consider myself very fortunate to have written “Return from a Comatose Mind.” My life before and after June 21, 1995 has so many messages and lessons. The constant training at swim practice growing up saved my life and enabled me to live and rehabilitate myself after a car accident and lengthy coma. That event changed my life from a champion swimmer into a medical miracle. The biggest thing I took away from that tragedy was the ability to remain positive with life even though it dealt me an obstacle. 

GL:  Why were you inspired to launch the My Positive Perspective Internet Talk Show?

JD:  Life is full of obstacles and your ability to keep working through them. That is why I started an internet talk show called My Positive Perspective. I wanted to have an outlet that would afford me the opportunity to inform people about all the good, positive things in life. Society cannot be only dealing with negative content. We need to know about positive things also because these things help dictate our actions.

GL:  I know that you’ve written many press releases at this point. Why have they been integral to your success in getting the word out?

JD:  I do create press releases with each MPP episode and this is done so I can educate the media on a global scale of all the positivity in the world. I enjoy speaking at local schools also, and when I speak to students about my message, I share the true message of being positive. It is not easy to stay positive, but hard work and not giving up are crucial traits to have keeping in stride with my theme. 

GL:  You’ve also partnered with Kinetic HiFi to reach a broader audience. Please tell readers a bit about your show there.

JD:  I also host a radio station and have guests on there that have similar stories to mine. I get to meet a different person every week who has struggled through a challenge and managed to reshape their life. 






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