Interview with a PR Personality and Gorgeous Model: Camille Key!

Published December 11, 2013 by glgiles


Photo Credit: Travis Teate

Camille Key is the founder of both the website and the website. These sites offer complete on-line branding, marketing and PR packages, amazing graphics, photography, video production, marketing schemes, website development, the ability to measure your ROI (Return on Investment) as well as image consulting and fashion styling. In fact, the phrase ‘Modern-Day Renaissance Woman’ may well come to mind—especially after reading this interview!




GL:  Wonderful that you’re expanding into the Florida market with your site (, etcetera. How did it come about?

CK:  I’ve been traveling down to FL from Charleston for years and finally decided to be based out of there since most of my business was coming from there. I miss my amazing creative Charleston family though —there’s nowhere like it!

GL:  Besides marketing your own events, you’ve also been a part of promoting the Charleston International Film Festival, ART Mag, IceBox Bar, etcetera. What events will you be promoting in Florida (for the remainder of 2013 and 2014)?

CK:  I had some fun helping with the creation of the Big Data Combine, which was a hedge fund event, in Miami in October of this year; however, there are some other large events coming up in the near future that have been taking a lot of planning. We’re currently producing the 2nd Annual Rose Ball for New Year’s Eve in Charleston this year, along with IceBox Bar, and we have some exciting announcements coming up about an incredible international opportunity we’re working on for January 2014.

GL:  I’ve enjoyed reading your “Be In The Know” entries at your So, I know you’ve been a part of fundraisers, like “Party for the Parks 2013,” and that you also review venues—like the Mercury Bar on King Street in Charleston, SC. Will you be blogging about the same kind of things in your Florida market?

CK:  Absolutely!  We’ve been doing that already and have met some wonderful businesses and people in Miami, who have been featured on our website.

GL:  Now, I know that you’re great ‘on film’, too, as you’ve been both an interviewer and have been interviewed that way many times. So, have you given much thought about branching out more—into maybe acting or perhaps hosting your own TV show or webisodes?

CK:  Ha ha! I don’t know if I feel like I’m great on film, but that’s awesome of you to say. It’s actually been a challenge for me because I’ve enjoyed being behind the scenes and usually prefer that, so I’ve had to really work at it. I would most definitely jump at an opportunity to do anything Saturday Night Live-ish though!

GL:  I could easily see you doing that! Switching gears, I am already so excited to be going to ‘The Rose Ball’ this year! Please tell readers when and where it takes place and what’s in store for this year’s event (as in, which musicians, models, DJs, Charleston Celebrities, artists, etc. are slated to be there).

CK:  I’m really excited, too! I’m excited to come back up to SC and ring in the New Year with my Charleston family. We’re holding the 2nd Annual Rose Ball at the same location, which is the Citadel’s Johnson Hagood Stadium, which is at 68 Hagood Avenue, Charleston, SC 29403. We’ve got some incredibly talented artists with us this year, including; DJ Jonas Tempel, Co-Founder of Beatport and Factory Design Labs from Denver, Colorado, along with DJ Cato K from Miami, DJ Arthur Bros., Vocalist Quiana Parler, The Dubplates Band, Ballerina Andrea De Vries, Deejay D-Nyce and DJ Mateo. We’ll also have some fun surprise performances throughout the evening. Tickets and info are up on our site at Looking forward to having you as our guest!

GL:  I can hardly wait! So excited, and thanks so much for inviting me! In a different vein, you know that I love hearing about your jet-setting lifestyle. Please tell readers some of the places you’ve traveled to in 2012 and 2013.

CK:  2013 has definitely been a fun year, and I was fortunate to be able to visit some cool places such as Dubai, London and the Bahamas.  Definitely hoping to expand into some new territories next year!

GL:  Where can readers go to learn more about you and your wonderful projects?

CK:  We are constantly posting via both our sites ( and, and, of course, we update our Twitter account daily (@ChsAfterDark).

It’s always a pleasure, Camille! All the best to you!




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