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Many Thanks to Those Who’ve Taken the Time to Review My WATER VAMPS (2nd. ed.) on Amazon, Et cetera!

Published March 30, 2014 by glgiles

Greatly appreciated! 

Yours in dark delight,

G.L. Giles



Interview with Brian Bowyer (Author/Editor/Screenwriter)!

Published March 10, 2014 by glgiles

 “Brian Bowyer has been writing stories and music for most of his life. He has lived all over the East Coast. He has worked as a musician, a banker, a bartender, a bouncer, and a bomb maker for a coal-testing laboratory. He currently lives and writes on the road” (


I loved reading the reviews of SHELF LIFE at Amazon! Which one, in particular, really nailed it?

All of them, I suppose. I appreciate readers who take the time to write reviews. I also like the feedback I receive in emails and social-media messages. Writing is such a solitary endeavor. Responses from readers let me know that I’m not taking these voyages into my imagination alone.

How do you go about creating your composite characters?

I usually just start with a name. After that, the characters come to life on the page and I’m just along for the ride, learning more about them as I go.

Do you believe in creating elaborate character profiles before you start writing?

No, I don’t. Characters reveal themselves to me while I compose and that discovery is one of the joys of the writing process. They always surprise me and that’s endlessly entertaining. As the author of a story, I’m also its first reader. If it works for me, I’ll keep writing, just like I’ll keep reading a story if it intrigues me. To me, writing is just an extension of reading. You start out reading the works of others, and then, eventually, you want to try it yourself. You think you can do better, and so you try to. And then you’re pretty much hooked. It’s an addiction.

#truth LOL! I know that you frequently listen to Beethoven now on your off time, but what bands/solo artists do you listen to, if any, while you write?

I never listen to music while I write. I can’t have a TV on, or anything else. I need absolute silence when I’m writing. I don’t even like anyone else in the house when I’m writing.

What are your thoughts on Spotify and/or Pandora?

I downloaded Spotify to one of my phones a few years back, but uninstalled it not long after. I never listen to internet radio. Whenever I do want to listen to a song on my phone, there’s not much I can’t find on YouTube.

Have you ever written two books concurrently? And, if so, would you recommend it?

No, I haven’t. When it comes to writing, I’m a serial monogamist. I give everything I have to whatever book I’m working on, and then, after I’m finished, I move on to the next one.

Please tell readers why you were inspired to pen your crime novel titled Graveyard Blues.

Pantera is easily my favorite band of the nineties, if not all time. I don’t remember passing out on the night of December 8th, 2004, but I do remember waking up around two in the morning on a couch in my old house in West Virginia, still drunk and very thirsty. I staggered into the kitchen, grabbed a soda from the fridge, and then made my way back to the sofa. The TV was tuned to CNN. On the leftward-moving ticker at the bottom of the screen, a headline read something like FORMER PANTERA GUITARIST DIMEBAG DARRELL LANCE ABBOTT MURDERED ONSTAGE TONIGHT BY DERANGED FAN WHILE PERFORMING IN COLUMBUS WITH HIS NEW BAND DAMAGEPLAN. I couldn’t believe it. I was so angry I wanted to break something. I finished my soda, and then switched back to whiskey. December 8th, 2004 was exactly twenty-four years to the day that John Lennon was murdered by a deranged fan in New York City. Anyway, I wrote GRAVEYARD BLUES as a sort of love letter to Dimebag, and then put it in a drawer and forgot about it. Years later, in late 2011, I was dating a girl who also happened to be a huge Pantera fan. When I told her that I had written a love letter to Dime, she of course wanted to read it. She did, loved it, and insisted that I publish it. So I did. But I rewrote it first, of course, although I changed very little, even though nearly seven years had passed between the first and final drafts. I got the title from an old song by Robert Johnson. He was the blues guitarist from Mississippi who allegedly sold his soul to the devil at the crossroads.

Thanks for the interesting and illuminating tie-ins! You’re a screenwriter, too, and you recently sold a screenplay for a six-month option, correct?


What can you tell readers about it?

It’s a crime film called LOWER DEEP. The screenplay’s available at Amazon in my book NIGHTHOUSE. Perhaps you’ll see it on a screen in the future. No idea. The option expires in May, so the production company that bought it has until then to let me know if they’re going to make the movie. It’s been described as PULP FICTION meets NATURAL BORN KILLERS, and I can’t argue with that. I suppose a lot of my fiction could probably be described that way.

Great movies! Would love to see yours, too! Plus, wearing many hats well, you’re also an editor. Where can readers go to check out your services and rates?

I edit for a publishing company and they keep me pretty busy. However, I also do freelance work for indie authors. I charge a dollar per page. I can be reached at

Now for a fun question:  What strenuous efforts did you take to ensure that your finished writing projects had no flaws?

I always write multiple drafts of anything before I show it to anyone. Usually, when an editor edits my fiction, they’ll say something like, “I only found one typo in three hundred pages.” And then I’ll say something like, “If you found one typo that I missed, you were worth whatever you charged me.” Showing your fiction is pretty much opening your mind to the world and saying, “This is what I’m made of.” Do you really want your work exposed to the public before it’s been professionally edited? I know I don’t. The thought of a lone typo in a novel with my name on it makes my skin crawl.

Makes perfect sense to me, at this point, too! Where can readers go to learn more about you and your wonderful work?

Here’s my Amazon author page:

Here’s my Facebook author page:

And here’s my personal Facebook page:


Thanks again, Brian!

Thank you, GL! 


Interview with the Beautiful Lisa Allen (AKA Calantirniel & AarTiana)

Published March 6, 2014 by glgiles


(Photo Credit: Christiana Dowdy ©2009)




Lisa Allen is an amazingly multi-talented woman who I’ve had the distinct pleasure of knowing  for quite a few years now, so I fully realize that to list all of her accomplishments here is virtually impossible, but here are some of them:  she’s “… a professional Astrologer, Tarot Reader, Dowser, Chakra Balancing Teacher, Energy Healer and Intuitive Consultant. She became a Master Herbalist (MH) in 2007 through the School of Natural Healing in Utah. She also became a Universal Life Church (ULC) Reverend and Usui Reiki Master. She is also an Author, published in over a dozen Llewellyn annuals, using the pen names AarTiana and Calantirniel. While being familiar with Flower Essence Therapy since the late 1990s, she took a deeper plunge and began creating flower essences with love in 2008 and has found the essences provide deep, effecting healing for her clients in a simple, gentle, and sustainably economical way” (



I loved reading your “Varda Elentari: The Elven Queen of the Stars.” What inspired you to write this?

I wanted to originally publish this with Llewellyn for the annuals, but in that particular time, they needed a different article, so I wrote a piece that matched their theme, which covered my personal experience with a more general Star Queen archetype that toward the end talked about Varda Elentari.  Interestingly, Llewellyn decided to publish my article with some information that was in the original in the 2008 Witches’ Companion.  However, I decided to keep these articles separate for quite a long time, not knowing why.  When I was approached to speak for the 2013 Guardian Gateway II Telesummit, these pieces were perfect and coincidentally, I had the copyrights back at that point.  The result is the two of these being eBooks, of which the Varda Elentari eBook is available FREE for now on – that may change!

To me, Varda is the protagonist and Morgoth the antagonist (simply put). Do you believe that Morgoth and those of his ilk are always necessary to further growth in the cosmos?

In a sense, yes.  I believe we all have a place in this experience of the “cosmic song” that was sung in 3 parts by the Ainur (for those not familiar, they are similar to angelic beings but not identical).  And because of that, we are all a mix of light and dark, love and fear – and it is our choices that really help us further define ourselves and to grow spiritually.  We can learn by example and Morgoth and those like him are also lessons showing us how not to be light.  There are many other stories that impart this wisdom, but JRR Tolkien to me is the most magnificent bard of our era and beyond.  He also happened to be an amazing linguist too!

I also enjoyed the invaluable information in your “How the Star Queen Changed My Life”—especially the Suggestions for Finding Your Own Connection part. Please tell readers how this piece of work came about and the importance of Archetypal Exploration.

As explained earlier, I wrote this piece for Llewellyn because the original Varda Elentari article did not fit the theme in the 2008 Witches’ Companion.  I also decided to warm up this article and make it more personal and experiential rather than just factual.  My suggestions on archetypal exploration came from my own experience traversing the Star Queen archetype which at some point led me to becoming a professional astrologer – and even co-founding the Elven Spiritual Path, based on Tolkien’s Middle-Earth origin stories which are utterly overflowing with a deep cosmology that we have discovered to be a valid one.  For those curious about obtaining this work, it was made available as one of the bonus downloads with the Guardian Gateway II Telesummit.  At some point in the future, it will be available again, so if you are on the Email List, you will be in the loop for securing your own copy.

You frequently write as Calantirniel. What does this name mean?

In the later Elvish language called Sindarin, which is the one spoken in Lord of the Rings, the name Calantirniel means the Guardian of the Gift of Light.  This name was created for me by a sweet young lady who studied Sindarin deeply and it was based on my nickname AarTiana, which was created by my children’s names and later became my crochet company name and morphed into my nickname inadvertently – but it worked!  I like it a lot and feel it resonates with me at a deep core level.

What else have you written (Llewellyn articles, books, etc.)?

I have written almost two dozen articles for the annuals published by Llewellyn Worldwide Ltd. Which includes the Magical Almanac, the Herbal Almanac, the Witches’ Companion, the Moon Sign Book, and even one time the Spell-a-Day Almanac.  I began appearing in their annuals in 2007 and have been active ever since.  I have several book ideas and one in the works on Elven Spirituality, which has been on the back-burner due to a few factors, including the ever-changing publishing industry.  A clearer direction is beginning to show, and this work may be co-authored.  Please stay tuned with the Email List or other methods available at

 I (as Calantirniel) donated an article in “Pagans 101” published in 2014 by Moon Books, a part of O-Books in the UK.  The idea was to interview 101 Pagans and to experience their diversity, for beginners and advanced alike.  It is divided in 3 parts, of which my feature is in the last part, “What We Do.”  My short “vignette” is on Herbal Magick and I had very limited space to impart my views and practice.  It seems this book has received some pretty amazing praise from the likes of Professor Ronald Hutton, Philip Carr-Gomm and many others held in high regard in those circles!  More here: or 

Awesome! Which Hollywood celebrities are fans of your products?

Well, of the ones that are, I am not allowed at this time to reveal their identities! 😉  Perhaps I can secure permissions at a later time but as of this writing, nothing can be relayed publically.  I am sure something will open up at a later date, so stay tuned!

Switching gears again, as an astrologer, what do you think of including a 13th sign with Ophiuchus and of factoring in a 14th sign with Cetus?

I see these as constellations with their own legitimate energies, but not as signs.  There were always only twelve signs, and it just so happened these signs were named after constellations nearby to make it easy to remember them!  So while Vedic and some Classical Western Astrology can use the Sidereal Zodiac, which is when zero degrees of Aries begins at the Aries constellation, most Western Astrology (even most Western Classical Astrology and ALL Western Modern Astrology to the best of my knowledge) uses the Tropical Zodiac, which is when zero degrees of Aries begins when the Sun’s direct rays shine on the Earth’s Equator (around March 21st yearly).  So since both systems of astrology work in their own way, we need to ignore the accusations that the zodiac is wrong!  It is like a person holding an apple and thinking it is an orange while saying there is something wrong with the orange.  I have some links on my Astrology Resources page on my website for anyone interested in a deeper discussion here!  As an aside, I do think it is possible to work with the constellation energies directly, so if you work with Ophiuchus and the energies resonate with you and integrate into your being, that is totally OK.  I have worked with the energies of fixed stars and the asteroids as well (one of which I will address when speaking for an upcoming telesummit – my topic being Pallas-Athena and a free PDF Ebook is available if you are on the AstroHerbalist Email list).

As one who’s certified in Reiki Level Two (Usui), I certainly appreciate that you’re a Reiki Master! When did you get certified? And, how has Reiki changed your life and the lives of those you’ve worked with?

Yes indeed, it is a good thing to have Reiki healing abilities!  I received my Reiki I in North Carolina in early 2000 from Usui Reiki Master Staysee Yod.  Later in 2000 I had a DNA Activation that deepened this ability, and since I was an astrologer, I mainly just used it for healing my family, friends and some clients – but not just astrological clients.  It worked for my crochet clients as well and I have great stories about how when I made custom hats for people that no matter how many times they lost their hat, they always got it back, as if I had placed an energetic retrieval device in them!  I also had a dramatic experience when my daughter years ago got her hand slammed in a car door, of which Reiki entirely healed her hand, without any other intervention and she has perfect use even to this day.  When I was prompted by the Universe to pursue herbal training, it became clear it was time to step up my Reiki attunements.  So in later 2007 after receiving my MH, I had a great opportunity to receive a Tibetan-Enhanced Usui Reiki II from none other than Christopher Penczak, and when Staysee visited me in September of 2009 in Montana, I opted to receive the Usui Reiki Master attunement.  Since then, I have had other rather shamanic methods shown to me either by other healers or by Spirit.  It is hard to explain since every case is different, but I have discovered that energy healing is a great adjunct to being an astrologer and basically a timing expert 😉

Please tell readers a bit about being an Herbalist.

While I never really saw myself as an herbalist first (and apparently neither does anyone else, since nearly all clients find me as an astrologer, dowser or through the energy healing work I do), I absolutely love LOVE being an herbalist – if for nothing else that the tuition for school was saved in health-care expenses within a year or two easily!  I highly recommend everyone become proficient at some level of herbalism but instead of reading the layperson books, get the books that the professionals get.  I have many Herbal Resources to get you started on my website!  It adds a physical component to the healing work done in the energetic, which grounds it into reality quicker, especially if there is a nutritional component that is needed in the client’s healing process.  How cool is it to recognize at least 30 healing herbs in your yard that you originally thought were just weeds and random trees?  It has been invaluable to me!

So cool! Where can readers go to learn more about you and your great work? (social networking sites, etc.)

All of my internet presence can easily be found in the right-hand column of my website, as well as and while I am not constantly on social media (particularly Facebook), I do regularly visit because I know other people do!  I will do my best to be warm and responsive.  The very best way to keep up with me is to be on my Email list(s) and get the freebies!  Then you won’t miss anything.

What’s in the works for the rest of 2014?

Well, at this moment, besides creating the aforementioned free PDF download for my Email List on implementing the energies of the Asteroid Pallas-Athena in our lives?  I plan a relocation from Western Montana after over a decade here back to San Diego, California – a really big step of exciting change indeed!  Upon getting settled, I will be looking at the possibility of a membership/subscription website that really focuses on timing of events, i.e. divine timing or psychic timing, since there is a lot of misunderstanding around this area.  This will include creating a book for the DIY types, an online course and group interaction for the mid-level types, and my personal one-on-one time for services at the top tier level.  While I wish to reconnect locally to my loyal and dear San Diego clients, my goal is to have a more online presence so that I may make long-term visits to Ireland in 2015 after (hopefully) obtaining dual USA/Irish citizenship through proving my ancestry and thus newly-discovered relatives!  THAT will be exciting!  Oh – and work on the Elven Spirituality book is in progress, and I will be shortly releasing the FREE EBook on the Healing Qualities of Flower Essences – some of which will not be found anywhere else!

Truly amazing! I really want to spend time in Ireland, too. Thanks so much, Lisa! It’s always a pleasure!! XOXO

You are most welcome GL – the pleasure is mine because you are awesome!