Interview with Author and Publisher Mahip Chadha!

Published July 17, 2014 by glgiles
My wonderful friend, Mahip Chadha!

My wonderful friend, Mahip Chadha!


Colonel Mahip Chadha is a retired officer from the Indian Army. He was married to Kiran Sethi who, tragically, passed away in April 2010, and they had two daughters -Ganiv and Jyotan. Ganiv is married to Colonel Inderjit Panjrath and they have one son. His younger daughter, Jyotan, is married to Daljit Singh, a business man who is an Australian citizen. They have two sons. Col. Chadha lives in New Delhi with his aged father and mother-in-law, both of whom he looks after. He worked various jobs after retirement—including a prestigious one as President of Helios Aviation.




Q. It was my pleasure to review your wonderful “Gin and Lime, Whiskey or Wine” here last year. But, why were you inspired to write “Grit, Guts and Gallantry?”

A. I loved writing and always dreamt of writing about my life in the National Defence Academy. I was very disappointed to see the mental apathy in the younger generation who either had no inkling of the life in the services or were not motivated enough! The sons and daughters of Services Officer cadre were also not willing to join the Armed Forces, preferring a life in an air conditioned environment or then working abroad!

Q. How did YS Books International come about?

A. I had written three books –GRIT GUTS AND GALLANTRY, SOLJER SOLJER and GIN and LIME WHISKEY or WINE? The latter were self published at extravagant costs by Author House and Create Space, both American publishing houses of repute. I have yet to receive a single cent from them! I could not discuss anything with them because of the compartmentalized way of working and a little arrogance! John would not take a message to Paul and neither could he deal with Mary who was now dealing with that subject! I have now published my books under our own banner and also written the second edition of GRIT GUTS and GALLANTRY. Let me say-I became a Publisher because I was very angry with big publishing houses!

YS does not charge anything from its authors except a small fee of Rs 4000/-INR-around $57 /-to cover the expense of re-formatting and evolving two covers for the book! The cost of printing is borne by me. We are extremely author friendly and try and accommodate authors to the extent possible in order to bring out a quality product using the best paper for interiors. WE are basically A TWO MAN ARMY!—I read the manuscript ,carry out the editing ,corrections and designing of the covers, as well as correspond with the authors! Hemant takes care of distribution and we market some of our books through Deep and Deep Publishers and Distributors.

Q. How many books have been published by YS Books?

A. Gia –we now have about 28 books in our kitty considering that we opened shop in July last year!

Q. That’s amazing, Mahip! What kind of books is YS looking for?

A. We publish books of Higher Education, Defence, Politics, Law and its Application, World Events, United Nations, Copyright, Geography and Fiction! We also publish thesis written by professors in pursuit of a doctorate!

Q. What does YS stand for?

A. YS is a distribution company which was owned by my partner Hemant Kalra. I have joined him as the publishing segment. Y and S stand for the first letters of Hemant’s brother and mother.

Q. Which books are you currently promoting and where?

A. I am currently working on a book on WITNESS PROTECTION, a book on UNITED NATIONS PEACEKEEPING, one fiction book based on Lucifer-titled LORD OF DARKNESS, one book on the memoirs of an Air Force Air Commodore-called RAINDROPS, one book on the memoirs of a Colonel who served in the Kumaon Regiment –titled KUMAONI NOSTALGIA, another book by the same author called INDUSTRIAL SECURITY, and a COFFEE TABLE Book on THE KUMAON REGIMENT! We also have a book on LAW and one book on political essays titled INDIA AWAKE!

Q. What’s on the horizon for the remainder of 2014?

A. I will be working on two volumes of Laws on various subjects ranging from SEZ, Airport Authority, ELECTRICITY and such subjects, This work is in two volumes. I will also have book on REFUGEES, and one book on INDIAS POLITICAL OUTLOOK TOWARDS SOUTH EAST ASIA AND THE IMPORTANCE OF NORTH EAST INDIA! Our books on education are printed in Hard Cover,whereas fiction books are printed in paperback!

Q. Where can readers go to connect with you and YS Books?

A. Our website is where we can be seen and also contacted.


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