“Kitty’s Parkour Palace”

Published April 3, 2017 by glgiles

My abecedarian children’s picture book has been accepted for publication. I had great fun both writing and illustrating it as Feline Steward. Below are two of my drawings included in the interior, and here’s my ‘Author’s Note’ (which in this case serves as a longer synopsis)Cover Art.png:


Author’s Note:




As a fan of abecedarian books, I thought it would be challenging fun to attempt one myself—and make it loosely rhyme and employ alliteration at times. So, I chose 26 primary activities/items (each one representing a letter of the alphabet) for Anubis, the kitty, to engage in daily to keep him both happy and healthy as a kitty who enjoys hours of indoor play daily along with safe and structured outdoor play.  It can be considered a complex, though delightful, environment which the kitty maneuvers in and out of in an efficient way without equipment assisting him—therefore, it’s a sort of ‘kitty parkour.’ Plus, I have included vocabulary that will challenge children to learn and hopefully not be intimidated by both ‘big words’ and whimsical made-up words.  I don’t subscribe to the notion of ‘dumbing things down’ for children’s sake. Indeed, it’s for children’s sake that I have not ‘dummied’ our beautiful language down. Finally, Anubis’s house (including grounds) is a palace in the sense that he’s an exalted cat living in his idea of a splendid abode. 


***I also had great fun placing ‘easter eggs’ throughout the book, so when it’s published, let me know if you’ve spotted them.

Illustration 11.png





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