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Review of “Moon Zinc”~~~

Published March 11, 2018 by glgiles

My Review of “Moon Zinc”

Ultimately Breaking Free of Self-Marginalization

Knowing that this story may be based on a real life occurrence made it that much more gripping but also incredibly heartwrenching. It centers on the story of a girl named Moon Lotus and her friends who toil in a factory for 14 hours a day. Vibrant descriptions of the life Moon and friends live outside the factory offset the bleakness of their backbreaking work. The ‘zinc’ in the title may point to the fact that some zinc-related activities are harmful to humans over time, and perhaps the titular name “Moon Zinc” is juxtaposed to the protagonist’s actual name: Moon Lotus. Some lotus flowers represent ascension, enlightenment and even rebirth. As Moon Lotus dares to buck the system as much as she’s able, her feistiness shows her refusal to be self-marginalized. Though tragic in some ways, this story ultimately shows hope in a sense by refusing to go along totally with a corrupt setup and that is a form of true rebirth. I look forward to reading more by Bibiana Krall. Wonderful work!

G.L. Giles

“Moon Zinc” is available here