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“The Upsurge” (2nd ed.) Has Been Released~~~

Published November 5, 2018 by glgiles

Author’s Note:

Since I had so much fun with the subversive style of writing dialogue without quotation marks in the first edition of “The Upsurge,” I decided to follow suit in the second edition of this adult novel.
I have also greatly added to an existing chapter (from the first edition), and I’ve also added an entirely new chapter-complete with new characters.

Yours in fun-filled dark delight,

G.L. Giles

Cover Art for the Upsurge with Text

P.S. Some rather freakish trivia: The first edition of “The Upsurge” was published on September 16, 2018-complete with my fictional Hurricane Willa-and a little over a month later (in October 2018), real-life Hurricane Willa made landfall in Mexico.

***It’s available here.


La deuxième partie de “Cosmic Cat” en français~~~

Published April 28, 2018 by glgiles

Il s’agissait d’une princesse courageuse qui, avec l’aide de son prince dévoué, vainc un ogre maléfique – certainement pas la fable des contes de fées pour enfants et / ou des mangas / animes traditionnels, comme le facteur gore sans conteste l’a fait Seulment les adultes.
Malheureusement, je n’avais plus le temps de terminer le château entier, mais au moins j’avais réussi à construire l’avant (comme un mur de château d’escalade) qui serait capable de supporter mon poids dans la reconstitution du concours de cosplay. Également inclus dans les piles de papier était un dépliant pour la prochaine Convention Diamond City Cosplay à Macon, en Géorgie, à environ deux heures de mon lieu éloigné.


Je le lis ici

So much fun being interviewed by the lovely ladies of the “Killer Queens” podcast!

Published October 20, 2015 by glgiles

You can listen to it here.

IMAGINATION REIMAGINED (Not Your Children’s Fairy Tales) Is Now Available!

Published April 4, 2014 by glgiles
Imagination Reimagined (Print) $11.95
Imagination Reimagined (Print)
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Reimagine the fairy tales of your youth through nine of the most creative authors writing today! See Rose Red and Snow White through the eyes of Jason S. Walters in an intriguing new telling of the age old tale. Feel the bone-chilling “Kindertotenlieder” by horror writer L. Andrew Cooper. Have you wondered what happens “After Ever?” Experience a vision from the brilliant writing of William I. Levy. Come back to reality for a moment in a crime thriller by Christopher Kokoski that will leave you in awe, scratching the “Hair of Your Chinny-Chin-Chin.” The Ugly Duckling will never look quite the same after reading “Free to Be Donnie Kinnaird” by the astonishing Michael Williams. The Big Bad Wolf comes alive in the Brad Parnell’s “The Girl in the Red Hood.” Go on the adventure of Hans and Grace through the unique styling of Georgia L. Jones. Wish yourself into another dimension with “Genie in the Bottle” by Bryan and Wendy Schardein. These boots are made for walking into an unusual realm in the graceful musings of “Puss in Boots” by G. L. Giles.

Whether your favorite is a fairy tale by Robert Browning, the Grimm Brothers, Giovanni Francesco Straparola, or Hans Christian Andersen, you are sure to have your imagination run wild with each story in Imagination Reimagined.

Imagination Reimagined, Not Your Children’s Fairy Tales
Format: Print
ISBN: 978-1-61318-163-8
Size: 104 pages
Price: $11.95

To order a copy, visit:

Hardcover, Paperback and E-book

Published September 7, 2013 by glgiles

“UTOT” (adult) available in hardcover at:

“Water Vamps: A YA Adventure Story” (2nd ed.) available in paperback and e-book at: