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La deuxième partie de “Cosmic Cat” en français~~~

Published April 28, 2018 by glgiles

Il s’agissait d’une princesse courageuse qui, avec l’aide de son prince dévoué, vainc un ogre maléfique – certainement pas la fable des contes de fées pour enfants et / ou des mangas / animes traditionnels, comme le facteur gore sans conteste l’a fait Seulment les adultes.
Malheureusement, je n’avais plus le temps de terminer le château entier, mais au moins j’avais réussi à construire l’avant (comme un mur de château d’escalade) qui serait capable de supporter mon poids dans la reconstitution du concours de cosplay. Également inclus dans les piles de papier était un dépliant pour la prochaine Convention Diamond City Cosplay à Macon, en Géorgie, à environ deux heures de mon lieu éloigné.


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Interview with Gary Starta

Published May 5, 2013 by glgiles

New Cover for Demon Inhibitions

I love the heroine/protagonist (in many of your books): Caitlin Diggs! Is she based on anyone in particular in real life?

She’s been in my mind for the past eight years and I think of her as alive but she’s pure fantasy. I can see actresses possibly portraying her like Carla Gugino. I have a mind’s eye vision of her whenever I think of her name. It’s a funny thing about being an author. She lives but not in the realm I see in.

Please tell readers, who are unfamiliar with your books, which of your novels she appears in.

Caitlin Diggs is a Special Agent with the FBI and appears in Blood Web, Extreme Liquidation, Demon Inhibitions with cameos in Murder By Association and Kindred Killers – where she appears as a crossover character in the Stanford Carter novels. He, also in turn, appears in all of hers. Fairly soon, she’ll appear in 9 Incarnate, another Diggs novel which has been contracted with Whiskey Creek Press. I encourage readers to jump in with any book. Each book has a definitive ending and background information.

I’ve had the good fortune of reading and reviewing a number of your novels at this point. I have read some of your science fiction/paranormal thrillers/fantasy romances, etc.—like “Extreme Liquidation” and “Demon Inhibitions”—and even your crime novella entitled “Murder by Association.” Why are you drawn to writing in these genres?

It seems crime is at the heart of these novels, but for the most part it’s the paranormal edge that peaks my curiosity and hopefully the readers. I am fascinated with situations where conventional won’t do. Caitlin Diggs assumes abilities after contacting an artifact. It’s these abilities that will have to step up her game to catch a perp who also might possess strange powers.

Besides having human characters, you also have a well-drawn character in the beautiful (and psychic) Tonkinese cat named Celeste. Please tell readers which of your books she is found in and if she was based on a real-life cat(s).

Celeste, like Caitlin, appears in the aforementioned titles. She started out in a short story called Animal Instincts where her savvy leads to the capture of a supernatural killer. I am excited to say she has a doppelganger named Bastet in Demon Inhibitions and 9 Incarnate as a parallel universe has opened. She is based on a real life cat who has many names, among them: Mistress Quickly. A real Alpha cat, she is a feisty Tonk who definitely fits the bill for the character.

I have always found it interesting that you were a journalist. Do you feel that having been a journalist has aided you in creating your fiction? If yes, then how?

I am still not quite sure. I think I approached my first novel with reporting in mind. I have even created a couple of minor characters who are journalists. In journalism, you want to report the most interesting and important fact first. But that isn’t necessarily so in fiction writing because you want an interesting beginning but don’t want to play your hand so to speak when it comes to the most important details of the story. I really am not that conscious of it. Writing seems to be writing in my world and I am comfortable with doing either.

Switching gears, I know that you and I shared a love of the television series Fringe. What did you think of the series finale?

Wow! This is the best question I will probably ever be asked! I did love that show mostly because it brought all kinds of probable pseudo science possibilities into play and allowed us to ponder what if they came true. It seems fringe sciences may one day be accepted. I strive to bring many theories into my stories as well.

But getting back to Fringe, beyond the science, the characterization was a great draw. You have to have plot and characters with equal appeal and Fringe did this. I was saddened to see the end where Walter Bishop left our timeline. But it kind of made sense because his Peter was originally from another realm and it seemed the universe had to even things out. Maybe the universe really does have a consciousness to do this. It also was interesting that the end mirrored the beginning of the series with Walter being a vague memory in Peter’s mind.

What series are you vested in now? And, could you see your books being made into movies and/or television series?

I surely would hope! Actually, I like the books first and foremost. How many times have you heard someone say ‘the book was better’? Probably because it was! Some of my readers see what I’m writing so I guess it would make for good visuals on a screen. It would also be awesome to have great actors cast who could actually bring that character to life and beyond. I am writing a new series involving paranormal investigators. I think this might work in film.

What projects are you currently working on?

A series called Camden Investigations. The first two books are written which focus on the coming together of ghost hunters and Ufologists.  I wanted a present day scenario with no detectives, just ordinary people dealing with extraordinary situations. If you like the paranormal, artifacts, science theory and suspense this series should peak some interest.

My other book coming out this year is called Dead Market. It’s about a cop turned zombie who finds Big Pharma was behind his transformation. The funny thing is I based it in Florida before I moved there.

Where can readers go to check out your wonderful books? 

The easiest way to see the books is Amazon Central:

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Thanks, Gary, it’s been a pleasure!

Thanks for having me and I wish you success with your upcoming release!