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La deuxième partie de “Cosmic Cat” en français~~~

Published April 28, 2018 by glgiles

Il s’agissait d’une princesse courageuse qui, avec l’aide de son prince dévoué, vainc un ogre maléfique – certainement pas la fable des contes de fées pour enfants et / ou des mangas / animes traditionnels, comme le facteur gore sans conteste l’a fait Seulment les adultes.
Malheureusement, je n’avais plus le temps de terminer le château entier, mais au moins j’avais réussi à construire l’avant (comme un mur de château d’escalade) qui serait capable de supporter mon poids dans la reconstitution du concours de cosplay. Également inclus dans les piles de papier était un dépliant pour la prochaine Convention Diamond City Cosplay à Macon, en Géorgie, à environ deux heures de mon lieu éloigné.


Je le lis ici


Interview with Greg Mimbs of Mimbs Photography!

Published July 24, 2014 by glgiles



Living In The Clouds of Western North Carolina


“Greg and Chrystal Mimbs are photographers living in Murphy, North Carolina. After many years of wedding and portrait photography, Chrystal and Greg have turned their focus to landscape and urban photography. Photographing not only the beautiful scenery and open spaces of the Western North Carolina, Eastern Tennessee, and North Georgia Mountains, but also the small towns in the mountains.

Having developed a love for New Orleans, Greg and Chrystal visit and photograph the French Quarter often….” (Artistic Website).



Q. Great photos of New Orleans on your Twitter page here.  Which NOLA pics are your personal favorites?

A. Thank you, I actually have four favorite New Orleans photographs, all for different reasons.

Evening on Bourbon is my favorite because it is my most sold photograph I have ever taken. Although I really like the photo, I never really intended to show it, much less make it available for purchase. I may have had a mental block on thinking of this photograph as sellable because to me it was a snapshot. I was eating a steak on a balcony along Bourbon Street when I noticed the evening light on the street below. I grabbed my camera, leaned slightly over the railing and took the photo. I never really thought much about the photo until over a year later when I was reorganizing my files and realized that my snapshot was wonderful. Several prints of Evening on Bourbon sell every month and the print is also available as a poster in record stores and Spencer’s Gifts across the country.

1041 Royal Street is my favorite photograph of a building in the French Quarter. I really like the quality of light this early morning photograph has.

Past Present Future is a photograph that I cannot get enough of. I love the story the photos tells with the older buildings of Jackson Square in the foreground, the newer buildings in the background and the uniquely New Orleans atmosphere of the people in the square. Then on top of all these wonderful features within the same photograph, there are the amazing clouds. I could return to this spot a hundred times and not have all these elements together at the same time.

My most favorite NOLA photograph is the ones I have not taken yet. New Orleans is a photographer’s dream city, there is something for everyone and I always look forward to returning and taking more.

Evening on Bourbon

Q. Good answers! Have you ever lived in New Orleans? If not, then how frequently do you visit?

A. I have never lived in New Orleans. For several years my wife and I held 2 pet portrait fundraiser a year for the St. Bernard Parish Animal Shelter. The fundraiser was always a one day event, but we would always stick around for a few days to play in New Orleans. Although we no longer take pet portraits, we still try to get to New Orleans every year.

Q. Besides photographing cities, you also capture spectacularly moving mountains and beaches. Where have you found great captures in beach and mountain areas?

A. I live in the mountains of North Carolina, but I sometimes suffer from GIG syndrome (Grass Is Greener), which makes me think any beach is great for photos. I have a weakness for including driftwood as an element in my photographs so Jekyll Island, Georgia is one of my favorite location. Mountains use to be more difficult for me, because I live here. Let me explain.

There is a barn near my house that people from out of town always stop on the side of the road to photograph. I see this barn everyday, it’s visible from my back porch. One day it hit me that these visitors from out of town see the beauty of the barn, where I just saw the barn next door (Farmall Barn photo attached). This made me wonder; when I’m on vacation and I’ve set up my camera to photograph a scene, do the locals in that area wonder why I’m taking a photograph of that tree next door. It hit me that I had what I think of as “Grass is Greener Syndrome”. I could not, no would not slow down enough in my everyday life to actually SEE the beauty right in front of me. I set a goal for myself to photograph only things within walking distance of my house. I was amazed at the beauty I found and the photographs I took.

Living In The Clouds of Western North Carolina is the view from my front porch.

North Carolina Pond is in my back yard (my neighbor’s pond).

Farmall Barn

Q. <LOL> regarding GIG syndrome. I may have suffered from that one before, too. So, did you take photography courses, or are you self-taught?

A. I attended North Georgia Tech School of Photography in Clarkesville, Georgia and the U.S. Navy School of Photography in Pensacola, FL.

But I’m still learning everyday.

Q. At your Mimbs Photography site here, you offer wedding photography, real estate listing photography, et cetera. What other professional services do you offer?

A. My wife and officially retired almost 10 years ago. Last year we decided to reopen our photography business. A couple of months after going back into the business my wife Chrystal was offered a job using her degree, so she took the job. Not sure I wanted to be working for the public again, I did nothing to promote the business. Just this month I decided to start offering weddings again in a limited form. I’ve always continued to do real estate photos because I really enjoy photographing houses/businesses. I also do some portraits.

Q. I have seen many of your photos from parts of the Southeastern United States. Have you ever visited and photographed in Charleston, South Carolina?

A. I have visited Charleston many years ago, and took some photographs on film. I have been considering returning to Charleston, but have not done so yet.

Q. What’s on the horizon for the remainder of 2014?

A. During my 38 years as a photographer, only a few friends and family ever saw any of my landscape photography. Averaging 50 weddings per year, with my wife averaging 30 weddings per year, we never really had time to think about doing anything with our landscapes until 2 years ago when we started placing them for sale on Fine Art America. The response was wonderful, showing us that we should have been showing and selling them all along. 2014 has been filled with seeking out and photographing beautiful places. Having been published in a couple of magazines this year, we have been getting more request from other magazines to photograph different areas (including Charleston) for possible publication. We hope to travel to more of our ever expanding list of locations we want to photograph.

Q. Where can readers go to connect with you and your wonderful work (social networking sites, websites)?

A. To find our photographs:



Our photography website:

and one other non related:

Our website which enabled us to retire almost 10 years ago (me at 44, Chrystal at 28):

1041 Royal


Interview with the Founder of Target Audience Magazine: Ellen Eldridge!

Published May 26, 2014 by glgiles


Ellen headshots casual 3

Photo Credit:  Rose Riot

Ellen Eldridge embodies the characteristics of a contemporary Renaissance woman by successfully juggling many enterprises with both seeming ease and finesse. She’s a journalist, Editor-in-Chief at Target Audience Magazine (check out the May Issue here ) brand ambassador, writer, a wonderful mother to two small children, a wife, et cetera! To learn more about her and her work, or to contact her, visit her LinkedIn site here and TAM’s Facebook page here.  Besides interviewing and reviewing bands, visual artists, authors, etc., “Target Audience Magazine is a resource for creative entrepreneurs to manage their businesses” (TAM Facebook). 

Besides being the founder (and EIC) of Target Audience Magazine, you’re also EIC at Talon Magazine and the Lifestyle Writer at Cherokee Tribune! Awesome accomplishments! *tips hat* How would you like to see each of these publications grow in the next few years? 

I’ve been building Target Audience Magazine as a marketing magazine for artistic entrepreneurs since 2007, but in 2012 I went back to school for a second bachelor’s degree. I earned a bachelor’s in psychology, but wanted to hone my journalism skills so I started working toward a journalism degree at Kennesaw State University, and I got involved with student media. Talon is the university’s student feature magazine. Additionally, I picked up an internship at Marietta Daily Journal, one of the biggest newspapers in Georgia, for the summer of 2014. So, my vision for TAM remains to continue to service the niche community of artists not only worldwide via the Internet but also to those in north Georgia.

How do you manage being a professional powerhouse AND a great mother? 

I wouldn’t call myself a “professional powerhouse,” but I balance everything carefully and constantly re-evaluate my decisions concerning my priorities. I didn’t have children to have someone else raise them, so the balance between working to provide for their future and their current needs is a constant struggle. The easiest way to answer this question is to make it widely known that without my husband I would be nothing. He works as a guitar teacher in private music stores so his hours involve working in the afternoons to late evenings (and weekends). I generally get the mornings to attend classes. My mother has been helping with the kids more now that I’m working about 32 hours a week at the newspaper. Everything else (writing, running TAM and such) must get done while the kids are with me, so writing can be done, but it’s tough. I often feel like I’m not a great mother, but I do my best.

How has the ‘advanced social media management’ of HootSuite helped you? 

HootSuite is great because I can use it to not only schedule posts but also track campaigns for clients as well as my various accounts. I made great use of HootSuite University, and its lessons helped me become more knowledgeable as a social media manager for private clients. More marketing strategy goes into social media (when done properly) than many people realize. HootSuite recognized my efforts in teaching social media after I won a grant for Society of Professional Journalists to teach social media using HootSuite University, so I am now a “brand ambassador,” meaning I advocate publicly on behalf of the brand.

I know that I like running my blog as a ‘Variety Show’ of sorts—by showcasing artistic works (of all kinds) which I’m naturally attracted to. It seems to me that TAM does much of the same with great musicians, writers and visual artists interviewed, reviewed, et cetera. And, you and your crew also attend and cover many live events, too. Are they live events in and around Atlanta only?   

Target Audience Magazine seeks to help artists both by featuring them and by helping writers and photographers build their resumes. We cover live events mostly in Atlanta, but have covered events nationwide. The issues that we publish contain articles focused on the marketing aspects of being in business as an artist, musician, writer etc. So, yes, we cover all things artistic globally, but seek to inspire locally and grow communities of artists who can network and increase sales.

Where did your appreciation for music, the ‘indie movement’, visual art, literature, etc. begin? 

I’ve been a writer since I was able to hold a pen upright. I’ve been writing stories and learning about the things that make us human as I studied psychology and business. My sister is an illustrator and my husband teaches and plays guitar professionally so I’ve just always been inspired by the arts. My friends have always been artistic. Music, art and literature have gotten me through the darkest of times—both through indulging in music and through writing—I want to inspire artists everywhere to be successful at the business side of being artistic so generations to come will pursue the arts.

I had the pleasure of reviewing your book of poetry titled “Beyond the Eyes” here. Have you had any time to work on your own writing recently? Any future books planned? 

I’ve recently remembered how much I love writing. I’ve been unable to write much of the creative nonfiction genre works that I mean to. I hope now that my kids are a bit older (3 and 1), I can let them play more on their own with legos, crayons and blocks so that I can get back to writing. We’ll see how it goes.  I plan to try to get more essay work published rather than attempt books. If I work with poetry again, it will be a children’s book, where I will invite my sister, Cyan Jenkins, to illustrate.

What’s on the horizon for the rest of 2014?

During the summer, my internship writing for Marietta Daily Journal takes most of the week, but I have a private client for whom I manage a blog and social media. I also plan to publish issues of Target Audience Magazine June 1, August 1 and October 1 this year (we are as of June slowing to once every two months). In addition to that, I plan to publish Talon Magazine mid-July, early August and in October. So, I have a ton on my plate. Not to mention, I’m campaigning for a campus representative position on the national board of Society of Professional Journalists. The election occurs during our Excellence in Journalism conference in Nashville Sept. 4-6. Wish me luck, and if you’re a member of SPJ, please vote for me digitally (you don’t have to be at the conference to vote)!