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Interview with Author Selah Janel!

Published June 22, 2014 by glgiles



It’s truly my pleasure to welcome the captivating raconteur, Selah Janel, to The GL Giles Files again. First, here’s her amazing bio. to bring everyone up to speed:  

Selah Janel has been blessed with a giant imagination since she was little and convinced that fairies lived in the nearby state park or vampires hid in the abandoned barns outside of town. The many people around her that supported her love of reading and curiosity probably made it worse. Her e-books The Other Man, Holly and Ivy, and Mooner are published through Mocha Memoirs Press. Lost in the Shadows, a collection of short stories celebrating the edges of ideas and the spaces between genres was co-written with S.H. Roddey. Her work has also been included in The MacGuffin, The Realm Beyond, Stories for Children Magazine, The Big Bad: an Anthology of Evil, The Grotesquerie, and Thunder on the Battlefield. Olde School is the first book in her new series, The Kingdom City Chronicles, and is publishedthrough Seventh Star Press. She likes her music to rock, her vampires lethal, her fairies to play mind games, and her princesses to hold their own.


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Olde School by Selah Janel

Book One of the Kingdom City Chronicles


Cross-Genre: Fantasy, Fairy/Folktale, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Horror


Kingdom City has moved into the modern era. Run by a lord mayor and city council (though still under the influence of the High King of The Land), it proudly embraces a blend of progress and tradition. Trolls, ogres, and other Folk walk the streets with humans, but are more likely to be entrepreneurs than cause trouble. Princesses still want to be rescued, but they now frequent online dating services to encourage lords, royals, and politicians to win their favor. The old stories are around, but everyone knows they’re just fodder for the next movie franchise. Everyone knows there’s no such thing as magic. It’s all old superstition and harmless tradition.

Bookish, timid, and more likely to carry a laptop than a weapon, Paddlelump Stonemonger is quickly coming to wish he’d never put a toll bridge over Crescent Ravine. While his success has brought him lots of gold, it’s also brought him unwanted attention from the Lord Mayor. Adding to his frustration, Padd’s oldest friends give him a hard time when his new maid seems inept at best and conniving at worst. When a shepherd warns Paddlelump of strange noises coming from Thadd Forest, he doesn’t think much of it. Unfortunately for him, the history of his land goes back further than anyone can imagine. Before long he’ll realize that he should have paid attention to the old tales and carried a club.

Darkness threatens to overwhelm not only Paddlelump, but the entire realm. With a little luck, a strange bird, a feisty waitress, and some sturdy friends, maybe, just maybe, Padd will survive to eat another meal at Trip Trap’s diner. It’s enough to make the troll want to crawl under his bridge, if he can manage to keep it out of the clutches of greedy politicians.




Q. One of the many things I appreciate about your “Olde School” is that I see in your characters (be they trolls, kings, brownies, a strange bird, princesses, ogres and other Folk) a nod to many traditional renderings, but they also almost defiantly resist being categorized by ‘old school’ characteristics. Is this an accurate assessment?

A. First, thanks so much for having me on and reading the book! I’d definitely agree with that assessment. Some of that was purposeful and some of it evolved during the writing process. I’d always envisioned Kingdom City as a modernized folktale-ish world, so I wanted a lot of modern elements and a lot of traditional elements. It’s always intrigued me that a lot of character types in that type of fantasy are very similar in most renderings across the board. There’s nothing wrong with that consistently. A lot can be said for keeping things to a certain structure. Personally, though, I don’t like boxes and labels, and I began wondering why those types of characters were always done in certain ways. The real difficulty was tapping into their personalities and portraying them so they wouldn’t become a gimmick. That was extremely important to me. I didn’t want this to be seen as someone trying to hop on the fairy tale/fantasy popularity train. I have a deep love for these traditions and stories, so if I was going to shake things up, it was important to me that everything was grounded and felt like it made sense. Not only was it fun for me to write these new types of trolls, animal helpers, royals, and whatnot, but it really got me thinking as to what it might be like for them to be typecast one way but not be that way at all.

Q. I can only imagine the amount of work you put into capturing the amazing dialects, atmosphere, character strengths and flaws, et cetera that brought this, Book One of “The Kingdom City Chronicles,” to life. Are you a believer in creating elaborate character profiles first?

A. I’ve become the sort that takes notes as I go, honestly. I’ve done some extensive character profiles for other projects, but this one actually started out as a short story then grew. I stopped and started and re-worked things so many times it probably would have made things easier, but I ended up writing out things in notebooks to refer to as I went. I definitely have timelines, some character backgrounds fleshed out, a general city history, and some other things to keep me honest. I always feel like I’m not the best on keeping things filed at the ready, so that’s something I’m working on. A lot of things like the dialects were finalized in edits – I’d get a better idea of what generations or creatures used which slang and go through and make sure it was all consistent. That was probably one of the hardest aspects. Ippick’s speech differs from Paddlelump and Uljah, Clyde and his ilk tend to not use contractions except in certain cases, there are all sorts of slang terms, specific names for things, and curses I invented…I definitely think they add a lot, but I was ready to smack myself for being that detailed in edits!

In terms of personality issues and flaws, a lot of the times the character traits are so embedded in the characters for me, I don’t necessarily need to write those down. It becomes more of an instinctive feel – I can tell if something Flora says doesn’t ring true, or if Clyde is getting a little off. That being said, there have been some things that have popped into my head that seemed very out there at first, but were definitely dead-on for the characters or plot. Paddlelump is probably the hardest because in this book, at least, he’s very reactionary and well-meaning. It took a lot of sitting down and reworking his character to get him to feel right, but I’m really pleased and proud of how he turned out.

Q. Me, too! He’s definitely a well-drawn character. And, I know that I personally liked the feisty and capable waitress over the inept, but beautiful, maid. However, did you favor any of your characters in this book? In your other books?

A. This is one of the books that I really have a huge, huge love for my entire cast. Even those that may not be likeable or are considered antagonists I’ve come to adore. I’m a firm believer that in Kingdom City, everyone has their story, their reasons, so what you’re seeing in the first book is just a sliver of why the characters are doing what they’re doing. Some of that will be explored in later books, and I want to do some short collections in different points of view so readers can really understand why some characters may be acting the way they are.

I think for me, my opinions differ since a lot of characters were fun to write even if they differ from my personal tastes. I really came to feel protective of Paddlelump, but I absolutely love writing Nobody. She is a wreck, but she is endlessly entertaining because I can just let myself go and have her do say just horrible things and it works. Flora is definitely more in my wheelhouse, and I have a lot planned for her in the future. Ippick is probably my excuse to let out my subversive, inappropriate humor, though I think he’s going to do some awesome things in the future. Clyde is definitely the little winged devil on my shoulder, and I’m always discovering just what he will and won’t do. He’s fascinating to write, and definitely stretches me sometimes. Everyone has their fun points and their frustrating ones for me. It’s like there’s several levels to them and I have to be aware to keep them well-rounded and believable instead of just getting them to do silly things. Even the minor characters like some of the schoolgirls, Addlebaum, Ran, or Grimclaw intrigue me.

Q. You allude, in the Acknowledgements, to how difficult and time-consuming it was to make “Olde School” a reality—and I know readers will be happy that you persevered because it’s incredibly well-written and great fun—but, have you ever been so frustrated by the process of a novel coming together that you decided to take a ‘gap year’ before sorting everything out?

A. Oh, definitely. Olde School is the result of what I thought was a short story evolving into something much bigger. The very beginning of Kingdom City started in 2006, but I didn’t like the ending I had in mind for the short, so I put it away until 2011, where it grew to a short novel. I still didn’t like the ending I had in mind, but when I was approached for a series idea, I realized that I was having trouble because the world of Kingdom City was so much bigger than I’d originally realized. It’s one of those series where I immerse myself in it and step away constantly. It’s the only way to stay semi-sane. I get ideas for it all the time, but it’s like letting a massive tidal wave become something more manageable. There are definitely times I need to breathe, and that’s when I can shift through what’s really going to work and what has to wait. Even during edits I had to take a few days or a week here or there to just get my mind together and catch my breath. My brain tends to throw everything at me at once, and sometimes even my to do lists just make things seem mountainous. I had it in my head that fantasy world-building was going to be easier than urban fantasy because I could invent everything my way. This is a horrible, horrible lie. It wasn’t awful because I enjoy the creative process, but it was definitely more than I had expected because I really, really wanted Kingdom City to be a full-bodied world. I want people to get excited and imagine what it’s like to explore those streets and the other parts of The Land. That area is so diverse, I think anyone could picture themselves as a tourist or a resident there, and I wanted people to have enough detail to be able to do that in their own imaginations. Granted, the process drove me a little crazy getting to that point, and I’m sure as things change and develop it’ll continue, but it’s definitely a labor of love. If I didn’t care, I wouldn’t keep going back to it. I’m very lucky to have a publisher and an editor who get it and who communicate freely with me, but also give me a little space and support so I don’t wear myself out.

Q. Thanks for the wonderful insight which I’m sure many writers can appreciate. Switching gears, please give readers a glimpse into the lives of your oft-endearing trolls.

A. I have three trolls in the book: Paddlelump Stonemonger is the youngest and the main character, Uljah Toothgnasher is his older friend, and Ippick Bonecrusher is the oldest. Ippick is the crotchey bachelor of the group, the one who inserts his commentary whether they want it or not. He leans toward wishing for the ‘good ol’ days,’ but definitely takes advantage of modern convenience. He’s in real estate, but because of his off-putting nature he tends to have a lot of odd jobs on the side to make up for his lack of sales.

Uljah at times acts as a father figure to Paddlelump. Unlike his two friends he’s pretty gaunt and bony compared to their substantial sizes. He’s the married one of the group, and it’s strongly hinted that he’s bossed around by his wife quite a bit. He’s affable, amiable, and hard to ruffle. Like Ippick, he’s pretty good at fighting if he has to, but his personality is a little less abrasive. He’s a butcher and is still trying to reach a place of financial stability (no thanks to his wife’s habits with credit cards).

Paddlelump is the most successful of the three, the youngest, and the most unique. He’s young and approachable-looking, and he has a kinder, gentler nature than his friends. He’s progressive and tends to give others the benefit of the doubt. His recent inheritance and his ability to use it to fund a booming toll bridge business means he’s often the target of different opinions from townspeople, the local government, and those who may not wish him well. Although he has a kind nature, he can be a little reactionary and tends to blame his circumstances for his misfortunes a little bit.

All three of these guys bring different things to the table. All have their fun and amusing qualities, their likeable qualities, and all three have their irritating aspects. That’s what makes them fun for me. They hang out at Trip Trap’s diner for lunch everyday, pick on each other, help each other out, antagonize each other…for me, their friendship is very real and is reminiscent of those who have known each other a long, long time. They’re fun to write together. It’s nice to know that even creatures that are traditionally seen as bloodthirsty or dumb or as bad guys can not only have very different types of personalities, but also cultivate long-term friendships and have each other’s backs.

Q. Speaking of trolls, I’m curious how you weigh in on the subject of a different sort of ‘troll’:  an internet troll. Some might argue that this is the most insidious sort. Now that the Internet is a town square of sorts should there be more gatekeepers to keep out these new trolls?

A. Great question! I have to admit, it’s a loaded subject. I’ve seen stuff posted on memebase that make me laugh, but anymore I can see how frustrating being at the receiving end of that sort of behavior is. It’s hard enough sorting through things online because of the nature of text responses, but having people purposefully making things difficult makes it harder. I guess it’s one thing if it’s more playful or being dumb, but when you’re getting into trolling boards or comment threads of topics that are already hot-button subject matter, what’s the point in stirring up all that ire or emotion? I don’t know how you patrol something like that, honestly. Admittedly, any time I see that sort of thing going on now I think of a scene in Trip Trap’s where Ippick is intentionally stirring up online forums and laughing about it. It’s funny in the book, but I’d hate to be on the receiving end of his hijinks.

Q. What’s on the horizon for the rest of 2014?

A. I’m currently working on promoting Olde School and working on a short story collection to go with it before I start book two. Beyond that I’m polishing a couple novels to start shopping, and working on some anthology submissions. I’ll be working with Fortress Publications later this year for an issue of Trail of Indiscretion themed around my fiction, Mocha Memoirs Press just re-released my historical horror story Mooner in e-book format, and I’ll be appearing at Imaginarium in September. Besides all that, you can (usually) catch me Wednesday nights at 9pm est as a co-host on The Star Chamber Show podcast on blogtalk radio!

Q. Where can readers go to connect with you and your wonderful work?

Blog –

Facebook author page

Twitter –

Amazon Author Page –

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Interview with Author Bryce Warren!

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 Q: I had the pleasure of reviewing your “Voodoo Mayhem” here last year. Were you thinking of combining “Beneath the Mausoleum” and “Voodoo Mayhem” at one point?

A: “Voodoo Mayhem” was created mainly because I wanted to get “Beneath the Mausoleum” out to my fans because it was a sequel to “The Mortician’s Daughter.”  As I concluded “Beneath the Mausoleum,” I thought I had enough ideas left for a third book, so I created a cliffhanger ending.  Recently, I combined the two under the title “Voodoo Mayhem” and am awaiting word from a publisher.

Q: Still in the darkly delightful arena is your latest release: “Waverly Hills Incursion.” How did this book come about? And, have you ever visited the Waverly Hills Sanatorium?

A:  The idea for this book started when I watched the film “Session 9” and later heard that the building featured in that movie, Danvers State Hospital in Massachusetts, was being transformed into apartments.  I started wondering, what if a place like that was haunted?  What would happen to the people living there?  I wrote a rough draft about an asylum in Northern Kentucky that had been abandoned and later turned into apartments.  I ran out of gas on that one, and revisited it several times, and then eight years later, I thought about visiting a place in Louisville that my students at Northern Kentucky University had introduced to me.  Waverly Hills Sanatorium had been an abandoned tuberculosis hospital for years.  I decided to make a trip to the Hill with some friends and do some ghost hunting.  Mainly, I wanted to see the place a get a sense of it and so I could describe it in a complete rewrite of my original rough draft.  The history and the paranormal activity of Waverly Hills gave my novel the specific details and background information that it was originally lacking.

Q:  Many popular television shows have attested to the Waverly Hills Sanatorium being haunted. What are your thoughts about the possible hauntings? And, if so, by whom?

A:  I’ve watched many episodes on YouTube about Waverly Hills, and walking through the building gave me much to consider about possible hauntings.  I got strange feelings in certain areas like when I entered the solarium and the surgical room.  I heard the faint sound of children screaming like they were on a playground, and only one other person in a room of fifteen could hear it.  I saw the dark images of what is proposed to be the Shadow People who seem to live on the fourth floor.  One of the Shadow People even seemed to transform into a large black mist that grew slowly, taking up most of the hallway.  Upon leaving Waverly Hills, I was convinced that many souls and entities made this their home.  I even believed what the tour guide said about it being a portal to the “other side” where entities can come and go.  But, I remain skeptical, because nothing we heard or saw could be proven as evidence of paranormal activity.  Seeing the Shadow People relied upon seeing them at the end of a dark hallway and from the corner of your eye.  As eerie as the total experience was, we came away with no convincing evidence.  I did, however, capture an image on my digital camera that shows what looks like someone with a skull-like head walking across the hallway and looking directly at me as I snapped the shot.  I had to zoom in on the shot to see it, and it is so faint that you can only see it in near or total darkness.  A photographic expert couldn’t do anything to enhance the image and refused to declare it as evidence of paranormal activity.  That picture still challenges my skepticism.

Q:  Amazing! Changing the subject, what have you learned from being a nontraditionally published author? What are your thoughts about being traditionally published in this day and age?

A:  I know that many people are trying their hand at self-publication, and this angers many traditionally published authors.  I don’t think it hurts traditionally published authors.  People will purchase what they want to read.  In my case, I wasn’t having luck with publishers, so I decided to try self-publishing to see if anyone found my work interesting.  I was surprised and overwhelmed by the response to my first novel, “The Mortician’s Daughter,” so I decided to keep on trying.  The most difficult aspect of self-publishing is marketing.  I have not put much money into marketing, but I have relied upon social media such as Facebook and Twitter to get the word out.  For “Waverly Hills Incursion” I decided to create my own book trailer on YouTube and share it on social media as an ad for my book.  I used images, video footage, and sounds from my trip to investigate Waverly Hills, and I created a simple, creepy soundtrack with my iPad and my computer.  I reversed some of the video footage sound to make the sounds of entities trying to communicate from the other side.  The video has been a big hit and has helped to advertise my novel.   I am still sending work out to publishers, because I want to see what that experience is like.

Q:  Great work! Readers can view it here . Changing the subject again, I know that you and I share a love of music. So, did you listen to any of your favorite bands/musicians while writing your “Waverly Hills Incursion?” If so, then which one(s)?

A:  While brainstorming and writing, I listened to Gary Numan’s newer gothic/industrial works such as “Pure,” “Jagged,” “Exile,” “Dead Son Rising,” and “Splinter.”  The atmosphere and sounds of the music put me in an eerie and otherworldly state of mind but also influenced my writing to a certain degree.  In a couple of his albums, Numan mentions a little black box as a kind of metaphor for a place to hide your fear, or as something to store bad emotions in and to give them to someone else as a kind of evil present.  I liked the idea so much, I used it in a couple different ways and it became part of the central image for my novel.  It also made it onto the book cover.  I used it as a kind of Pandora’s Box which the character Scarlet Snow gives to the main character Ben Clausen and tells him to open.  Upon opening it, Ben tells Scarlet that there’s nothing in it.  She replies that it doesn’t have anything in it, now that he’s opened it—implying that whatever was in it has now escaped.  Later, another character, Kayla, claims to have seen Scarlet conjuring a fiery entity from the box.  Sometimes the music I listen to can directly influence what I’m writing, but I let occur consciously so that I’m creating something new from the idea and not just copying someone else’s idea.

Q:  Now for a random and fun question: Have you ever gone through a period of binge- writing?

A:  Yes, when a scene gets really good, and when I don’t want to stop writing and forget to write something down, that’s when the white-heat writing kicks in.  Also, when I get close to the conclusion of writing a novel, I get so excited that I can’t stop writing.  During the conclusion of “Waverly Hills Incursion,” I used this kind of writing to increase suspense.  Hopefully, the reader will sense the conclusion approaching and feel the suspense increase as the novel comes to an end.

Q:  I know that I did with “Voodoo Mayhem.” What’s on the horizon for the rest of 2014? And, do you plan on attending World Horror Con in 2015?

A:  I want to go back to writing short stories for a while and send some out to publishers.  Then I want to start working on another novel.  I have many ideas for it already, and I know it will encompass conspiracy theories and government control.  I am hoping to attend the World Horror Con 2015 in Atlanta.  I’ve been to Horror Hound Weekend in Cincinnati and Scare Fest in Lexington, KY.  I’ve always wanted to go to the World Horror Con so I could meet some of my favorite authors and publishers.

Q:  Where can readers go to connect with you and your wonderful work?

A:  My author page at Amazon (which includes my book trailer) can be found at: Warren/e/B004XWKLLE/ref=dp_byline_cont_book_1



Thank you!

You’re welcome, Bryce!


Interview with the Stunningly Beautiful and Talented Mary Alexandra Stiefvater!

Published May 28, 2014 by glgiles



Theo And Juliet 13

Photo Credit:  Theo + Juliet Photography

“Mary Alexandra Stiefvater was born in Chico, California and grew up in Stockton, where she was first introduced to theater and dance at a young age. Educated at The University of California at Los Angeles, where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Theater, she also studied French cinema and philosophy abroad at the Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris III) and Le Centre Parisien d’Etudes Critiques. After graduation, she moved to England to train at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

Five days after graduating from LAMDA, she packed her suitcase for New York to pursue work in theater, film, television and modeling. As well as being a skilled dancer, Mary Alexandra received her stage combat certificate from the British Academy of Dramatic Combat. She is trained in a variety of different weapons and unarmed combat.

Her first break came on the The Late Show with David Letterman where she regularly appeared in comedy skits.  At the same time, did motion capture work for the character of Mona Sax in Max Payne 2 with Rockstar Games. The collaboration with Rockstar Games continued on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and The Warriors. 

Later, she moved to Los Angeles, where further success came in television (The Mentalist, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, The Wedding Bells & Happy Hour). Known mainly for her work in independent films (Supergator, Bear, Speed-Dating, Driving By Braille, Loveless in Los Angeles, The Perfect Boyfriend, Easy Rider: The Ride Back, & Four Lane Highway), she has also appeared in numerous print ads (Verizon, Babies-R-Us, Fera Skiwear, Quenchwear, Cargo magazine, Stuff magazine & The San Francisco Embarcadero Christmas Catalog), commercials (Bud Light, Volvo, Lupus PSA, Red Bull Sugar-free, Style Network, 1-800-Collect & TGIFriday’s) and web-series (Playdate & Rules of the League). 

In order to sustain longevity in the ever-changing entertainment industry, she started producing and writing. In 2006 she produced the award-winning short film, Bad Habits, with the production company she helped found, Habit Forming Films. Stiefvater then produced Wedding for One and 11-44, both directed by Kristina Lloyd. The two met in acting class at UCLA and have collaborated on several projects together. After many years of co-writing, her first, solo, full-length script, Squaw, was nominated for Best Screenplay in two festivals. In 2012, her first books, In My Contrary Garden and Cocoa For Saturdays were published. Her sophomore effort, On The Merry-Go-Round, was released in 2013 with The Sun She Sets and Fair The Rose following in 2014. 

Mary Alexandra continues to work as a producer, actress, model, screenwriter, photographer and poet” (IMDb Bio.). 

You played Alexandra Stevens in Roger Corman’s “Supergator” (2007). Unfortunately, your character meets her untimely demise thanks to the ‘Deinosuchus’. Nonetheless, was it fun filming it?

Yes! We filmed in Hawaii for almost a month and had the best time. Shooting death scenes can be tricky but we had a good laugh filming that one. 

What else have you had loads of fun acting in (films-wise)? 

Each role has its own challenges and benefits but I love playing characters from bygone eras that have their own specific look and costume. I have a lot of fun playing with different accents and physicalities too. It’s a chance to see the world through someone else’s eyes…to understand someone else’s reality. 

Speaking of fun, you regularly appeared in comedy skits on ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’. Have you ever tried stand-up comedy? If so, then where? 

No, I have never tried it. Stand-up is incredibly hard and I have profound respect for the comedians that can do it. Who knows, maybe one day….

Are there any comedic genres that are off-limits to you—like Insult Comedy? 

I like “kind” comedy. I don’t care for comedy that purposely hurts people’s feelings. Life is so funny anyway so I think there is lots of humor to pull from everyday situations. I really admire the comedians who are witty and clever and help us find the humor in the paradoxes of life. 

Me, too! Switching gears, what inspired you to write your books (“In My Contrary Garden,” Cocoa For Saturdays,” etc.)? 

I didn’t want to be afraid to try. I have always loved poetry and photography. The writing community has been so gracious and inviting to me. It’s really fun to be part of that global, literary conversation. It also helps me as an actor because understanding how the writer creates a story, helps me figure out how to play a character within the story.

To me, you’re the epitome of a Contemporary Renaissance Woman/Polymath. You wear many hats well! Do you think that being multifaceted is a must for true success in this day and age? And, can it be a hindrance from the branding aspect? 

Wow! Thank you for that lovely compliment! They used to ask, “Are you a triple threat?” Meaning can you dance and act and sing…Nowadays being a triple threat means can you act and write and direct or some variation of how many skills do you have? I like to think about being an actor as a stock portfolio. A smart investor diversifies to prevent risks when one part of the market is slow. So a smart actor invests in his/her skills and learns as many as possible (be it voiceover or writing or modeling or dancing or directing, etc.) so they can work even when the market is slow. In terms of branding; yes, it is important to establish your brand. It’s how the world is first introduced to you. But don’t limit yourself. It will be detrimental and boring if you don’t grow and evolve.

Great advice! Thank you. So, how did you get started as a producer? As a screenwriter? 

I basically told a friend I loved his screenplay and we should make it. From that initial yes, we started the company and went into preproduction. Several meetings and a few months later and we were on set filming. After Bad Habits was done, other offers came in because work begets more work.

As for screenwriting, I think it’s a natural fit for actors. We create backstories for every character we play. Screenwriting and acting are just two halves of the same whole; they are both storytelling. I had some stories I wanted to see on the screen and the only way that could happen was to sit down and commit them to paper. A script is just a story with an internal set of directions that tells the entire production team how we are going to tell this story. From there, the collaboration and fun begins.

Please tell readers more about your award-winning short film entitled “Bad Habits.”

David Accampo and Jeremy Rogers wrote this really cool, edgy script and from the first read, it jumped off the page. They both knew how they wanted to film it so my job was simple; I just facilitated their vision. The story revolves around 4 characters and how their lives intersect on a fateful occasion. The cast was amazing and gave such beautiful performances. I felt privileged to make this film with that fantastic group of people.

What’s in the pipeline for the rest of 2014?

Lots of good things. We have two scripts we are working to bring to the screen. One is my script, about how Squaw Valley ski resort won their bid to host the 1960 Winter Olympics and how those Games almost didn’t happen. The other is a period piece I’m attached to called Where The Eternal Noise Lay by writer Reggie Gill, with Alban Horncastle producing.  I’m also working on my seventh book which will be out soon.


***Readers can follow Ms. Stiefvater on Twitter here, check out her Facebook page here, follow her on Goodreads here, follow her on Pinterest here and check out her really cool ‘NEWS & PRESS’ site here!
You can visit here to pick up a copy of “Fair The Rose.”  
You can visit here to pick up a copy of “In My Contrary Garden.”
You can pick up a copy of “The Sun She Sets” here.

Interview with Author Deanna Anderson/Lynn Anders!

Published April 19, 2014 by glgiles

Deanna Anderson “is a published author of both fiction and non-fiction titles, but she is most known for her titles “Magick for the Kitchen Witch” and “Magick for the Elemental Witch.” She has written a variety of key-word articles on the internet, and currently contributes regularly to “Circle Sanctuary” Magazine and has a column about wildflowers in “Lakeside” Magazine.
Married and the mom of two daughters, when she is not writing she enjoys hiking and camping.
For more information on any of Deanna’s titles visit her site at”

Headshot of Deanna

GL: So great to be ‘e-viewing’ you, Deanna! I have been a fan of you and your work for quite some time now. So, I feel free to begin with a couple of ‘easy’ questions. What do you consider the basic ingredients in creating a compelling short story? And, please give specific examples from some of your work in “Unputdownable Tales of Terror.”

UTOT Cover Art

DA: The best basic ingredients for short stories is really only one ingredient, IMO: grab the reader’s attention! You have limited space and words to really grab their attention whereas a novel can slowly build up to the climax and conclusion. I guess also “keep the reader guessing” is another ingredient. As you know, I am a fan of Poe and O’Henry and both writers keep you wondering and guessing until the end. In fact, O’Henry is the “king” of twisting a story at the very end and totally changing the reader’s perspective. I do that in “Fate is a Funny Thing.” It seems to be going one way, and then twists drastically at the end. The same with “Kidnapped!” Reader’s will think they know what is going on but will be surprised at the end.

GL: We had the good fortune of having numerous book signing events together at Waldenbooks before it closed shop. There are some, especially those catering to a more genre-specific market it seems, brick and mortar bookstores still doing well in this day and age. So, what do you think the future holds for brick and mortar bookstores? Where have you signed in 2013 and 2014 (so far)?

DA: I hope brick and mortar stores stick around, I think there will always be some who prefer to shop that way and I’d like to see them make a come-back and have a balance between the two (online and physical stores). In 2013 I didn’t sign at very many places…did the Author Fair at my local library as well as signed at a Pagan Unity Day in Charleston SC but that was all. In 2014 so far I have signed at the Author Fair at the library, a Gypsy Fest sponsored by Shimmy Mob of Sumter, and have scheduled a Wine and Sign in Folly Beach which will showcase almost 20 authors and there will be wine and cheese tastings. I am also scheduled to sign at Spiritual Unity Day in Anderson, and plan to sign up for Pagan Pride Day in Greenville and Pagan Unity Day in Charleston. Really, it’s just events and festivals I am signing at now.

GL: I have enjoyed reading your book entitled “365 Tarot Activities.” How do you define cartomancy?

DA: Cartomancy is any divination system using cards of any type and this includes regular decks (sometimes referred to as standard or poker decks), Oracle cards, and Tarot cards.

GL: In “365 Tarot Activities,” you offer readers multiple ways to use the tarot—in fact, for more than just readings. So, that makes your book different from many out there. What are some of the other ways it differs?

DA: I offer prompts, activities, and such to help reader’s work and connect with the cards. Instead of telling readers what the Two of Cups means, I show them how to develop their own meaning for it through writing key words, phrases or interpretations. I also show how the cards can be used in so many ways other than the basic readings we all come to think of as being associated with Tarot. It also differs in that there are ways to use the book in groups or classroom-style instruction.

GL: Many readers are familiar with the Rider-Waite deck, but you have incorporated other types. How did you go about incorporating them as well?

DA: I tried to keep the prompts and activities generic so that they’d fit all styles of Tarot cards but also to incorporate how to use this book for oracle decks.

GL: Which cards make up the Minor Arcana in the RWS deck?

DA: A typical RWS deck or RWS based deck has four suits: pentacles, wands, swords, cups (although the names may differ) and these go from numbers 1-10 (known as the Pip cards). Then there are four court cards in each suit: Page, Knight, Queen, King. All of the Minor Arcana represent psychical realms, tangible things, and the courts might be the people in our lives.

GL: Which cards make up the Major Arcana in the RWS deck?

DA: Made up of twenty-two card starting with number 0 up to twenty-one these cards are: 0 the Fool; 1 The Magician; 2 High Priestess; 3 Empress; 4 Emperor; 5 Heirophant; 6 Lovers; 7 Chariot; 8 Justice; 9 Hermit; 10 Wheel of Fortune; 11 Strength; 12 Hanged Man; 13 Death; 14 Temperance’ 15 Devil; 16 Tower; 17 Star; 18 Moon; 19 Sun’ 20 Judgment; 21 The World. They have esoteric or allegorical meaning and indicate the spiritual realm.

GL: How do Oracle cards differ from the RWS deck and/or RWS-influenced decks?

DA: Tarot decks are made up of suits made up of elements and typically have a Major and Minor Arcana whereas Oracle have no suits and may not be based on the elements at all.

GL: How do decks based on the Tarot de Marseilles differ from decks based on RWS?

DA: Basically, the Tarot de Marseilles is simply from a different country of origin (France) and some of the Major Arcana are different. For example, the Fool has no number and comes at the end of the series. The death card is often unnamed, and the Tower card is sometimes called The House of God. The imagery is also different in style. You can see what I mean on Wikipedia.

GL: I loved your “Top 20 Tarot Myths” section. LOL! What are some of your personal ‘favorites’?

DA: Sleeping with a deck under your pillow helps you connect with it. As I said in the book, sleeping with a math book under my pillow doesn’t help me learn math…I need to open the book, read it, study it, and practice it.

Of course always the “evil” myths about how Tarot is evil, causes death, opens portals, the usual gamut of silliness. If Tarot cards–which are pretty pictures on pieces of paper–can cause these events then what would happen if we walked into an art gallery?! lol

GL: What’s on the horizon (signings-wise, et cetera)?

DA: Well, I already listed my signings earlier and fans can always keep up with everything on my author website As for writing, I want to re-release my other two Pagan books “Magick for the Kitchen Witch” and “Magick for the Elemental Witch” this year as well as work on “Magick for the Homesteading Witch.”

GL: Where can readers go to connect with you and your truly stellar work?

DA: In addition to my website I can be found at:

Twitter: @deannanderson

Reader’s can go to my website and purchase autographed copies of “365 Tarot Activities” via Paypal, and they are on sale right now for $10.00. After April 30th, 2014 the price goes up to $15.00. Or non-autographed copies can be bought at Amazon.

Thanks! It has been great being e-viewed by you again and I hope we get to work or sign together in the very near future!

GL: Me, too, Deanna! xoxo


Interview with the Groundbreaking Filmmaker of “Bullies and Friends”: Cassidy McMillan!

Published April 14, 2014 by glgiles




“Cassidy McMillan is an award-winning Filmmaker/Actress, Speaker and Advocate, and is the Director/Producer/Writer of the acclaimed Documentary Film on bullying, girl bullying and bullycide, Bullies and Friends.


Cassidy’s an Actress in Film, TV, Voice-Overs, Commercials, Theater; and Member of the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of TV & Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA). 


For the feature length documentary film Bullies and Friends, she conducted extensive research on bullying, relational aggression and bullycide throughout North America, where she worked with hundreds of educators, thousands of students, parents, counselors, medical professionals, legal system officials.


Through her advocacy work and research on bullying/bullycide (youth suicide) prevention and mental health, Cassidy’s become a recognized Expert/Speaker on bullying, girl bullying, bullycide, relational aggression, and legal aspects within the juvenile justice system regarding bullying.


Some of the awards Cassidy has received include: Women In Film Foundation Award; Walt Disney Company’s Partners In Excellence Award; United Nations UNA USA Impact Film Award; Inanna Filmmaker Humanitarian Award; Cine’s Social Awareness Award; Inanna Best Documentary Film Award


Cassidy was honored with being Named in the Official Proclamation of Bullying Awareness Day in Portland, Maine by the Mayor of Portland, Maine and Maine Governor’s Office.


With her acting/film work, Ms. McMillan has acted in/worked behind the scenes for Film/TV including AMC, Fox, Discovery ID, NBC, CBS, 20th Century Fox, Disney. Theater acting includes lead roles in plays/musicals including:

“Noises Off!”, “Oliver”, “Good Morning Miss Vickers”, “Annie”, “Bang Bang You’re Dead”; “Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”.


She’s the President of McMillan FilmWorks, an independent film production company in southern California which works to produce projects that shine a spotlight on social causes, animal rights, the environment” (


Please tell readers how your award-winning documentary on bullying came about and where and when it can be seen.

Bullies and Friends Documentary Film came about when I saw an episode of the “Oprah” Winfrey Show. On the episode was the mom of a 14-year-old girl who had committed suicide due to being bullied by three girls at her high school.  In the girl’s suicide note she named the three girls, one of whom was the daughter of a prominent police officer in the town the incident occurred. The suicide caused an investigation that led to a precedent setting court case, in which for the first time in North America, teen girls were made to stand trial for bullying.

I was horrified to learn that a so full of life young person had taken their life due to bullying. Being a filmmaker/actress who works on causes, I was compelled to take action.

I wanted to make a difference through the work of film in the hopes of preventing another boy or girl from taking their life due to bullying. I reached out to the girl’s mom. Both she and I felt that sharing her daughter’s story could help other kids and families and prevent future suicides. 

I set out in making this film, and self-funded the original filming and production because I believed so strongly in the cause. I directed, produced and wrote the Film and have a great film team on this independent film with an important cause of bullying and bullycide prevention. 

As we started filming and then while in post-production, requests for the film started pouring in from schools in over 14 countries. We started doing focus group screenings of the film with students/teachers/parents at events and schools across the U.S. and I did speaking engagements at those events, schools requesting me to talk to audiences on bullying and bullying prevention.

Bullies and Friends” has now started a movement in the bullying prevention cause. Due to the tremendous grass roots campaign, word of mouth from schools and audiences, we are thrilled and honored that the feature film has now been selected for worldwide distribution with a major distribution company!

This is an amazing accomplishment because only a small percentage of independent films get chosen for distribution with a distribution company!

With distribution though, the distribution company doesn’t cover the many costs needed to prepare a feature length film for worldwide release including technical prep for the multi-platforms of distribution: TV broadcast; Video on Demand; iTunes, Netflix; or FCC federal requirements such as Closed-Captioning; etc.

To raise the funds to get this important film that’s been called “lifesaving” to schools and audiences in releasing it worldwide, the Film has launched an important fundraising campaign on the global Crowdfunding Site Indiegogo at our Campaign Page: 


It’s a great opportunity for everyone across the globe to be part of a feature film already slated for worldwide release that makes an important difference! 

Everyone who contributes receives great Gift Perks/Rewards at every level of donation! 


  • having their name listed in the film’s credits
  • pre-ordering the Film’s DVD for when the film is released on Home Video where they’ll be among the first to receive it!
  • “Official Film Crew” T-Shirts designed for this Limited Time Campaign
  • School Skype Event/Town Hall Discussions on Bullying
  • Being an Associate Producer or Co-Executive Producer of the feature film! And, much more.

We’re thrilled to have great companies who are stepping forward to assist our film and its bullying prevention movement.

Including Warner/Chappell Records and the Multi-Platinum hit rock band Simple Plan who contributed one of their hit songs they wrote and recorded on one of their hit albums to “Bullies and Friends” Film. Simple Plan spoke out on bullying and the incident documented in our film and we appreciate them donating their song to our Film and its Cause! 

(you can find their music on iTunes – we encourage everyone to check out them out- we appreciate their support!)

It is both a great cause and opportunity. Plus, I love Simple Plan’s music!  So, how do you define bullycide? And, why was the ‘Precedent Setting Bullycide Court Case in North America’ so important? 

Because of the tragic fact that kids/teens committing suicide due to bullying has become a growing epidemic, the word “bullycide” was coined (I’m not sure from where in media). “Bullycide” is the term used to describe when a child/teen commits suicide due to bullying. 

The bullycide case we document in the film is important because the court case set a legal precedent. So in other words, it opened the doors within the legal system for teens being able to be arrested for, and stand trial for bullying actions. For teens to be held accountable for those actions, and for adults to recognize this destructive bullying behavior is actually criminal harassment.

An alarming fact is that the Centers for Disease Control now states: “Suicide is the third leading cause of death among youth ages 10-24.”  

Too many children and one child is too many – have taken their life due to bullying. We must all as a society work to change this.

Our Film Bullies and Friends provides solutions to bullying, and gives information and hope.

The thousands of students across the U.S. who’ve previewed our film have said Bullies And Friends validates what they’re going through, as well as the film lets them know help is out there, and how bullying can be prevented and stopped.

I love that you don’t just present the problems without offering tangible solutions. Please tell readers some of the solutions that your film offers?

Bullies and Friends offers Solutions to Bullying for kids, parents, schools and communities—This was a requirement I wanted for the Film. It was important to me that kids, parents, educators after watching the film, have the knowledge, solutions and ideas on how bullying can be prevented, warning signs to look for, and for kids to know what they can do to prevent bullying. 

One of those key things kids learn from the film is how important it is for them to be an “upstander” where they step in and stop bullying or report it to a trusted adult, instead of being a “bystander” and observing or contributing to the bullying actions of others. The film tells and shows how.

Kids need to feel empowered to do so, and this film empowers kids with the information and guidance on how they can stop bullying.

 The response has been amazing and we’re honored with the awards we have won including Bullies and Friends receiving the Impact Film Award by the United Nations UNA Association

Bullies and Friends provides the knowledge and ways kids can prevent and stop bullying. Whether the student who sees the film is a target of bullying, is a bystander to bullying, or the person committing bullying – the film speaks to all of these kids and all of these situations, and provides solutions in a way kids can relate to.

Some of the solutions in the film come from teens involved directly in the bullying that occurred, including the main teen girl brought to trial for bullying. 

Her interview is compelling, poignant and all students who see it are affected by her brave and candid interview. During the trial, some people in her town, and throughout the globe labeled this teen girl a bully. I work to tell schools, parents not to put a label on kids. This girl wasn’t a bully, she was a teen who got involved in a situation over her head, took wrong actions, and regrets those actions.   

Bullies and Friends delves below the surface of the story, and this girl, who, although acquitted of the charges in court, talks of the guilt she will always feel. And, a thing that’s very important – she tells kids things they can do, right now, to prevent bullying.

Also in the film we have noted educational experts/authors who provide important information to schools, parents, and kids on bullying, how we can help stop peer cruelty, and teach kids empathy and responsibility.

“Bullies And Friends” also features the exclusive interview with the Court Judge who presided over and handed down the precedent setting ruling in this highly controversial court case.

The Judge granted her only on-camera sit down interview for our Film. In my interview with her, the Judge’s insight into the case is invaluable.

The Judge provides specific information to kids, parents, teachers, and legal system officials regarding bullying, threats, laws pertaining to the incidents that occurred, her precedent setting decision and how these laws apply to future bullying incidents.

She also shares a personal and candid story of how when she was a teen in high school, she witnessed a bullying incident where some girls were going to potentially beat up another girl. She tells of the actions she took as a student to intervene and the result. This personal story from the Judge resonates with every audience member.

Regarding suicide, it devastates families, and impacts entire communities. 

We present warning signs in the film, and provide a deeper understanding of the bullycide epidemic.

One child’s death affects us all, in a profound way. We don’t know who that child would have grown up to become. Maybe they would have been the person to marry your son or daughter. Or been the person to discover a cure for cancer; become a musician, a dancer, an athlete, government leader, or a veterinarian who helped save your pet’s life, or a paramedic who saved yours. 

Bullies and Friends is working to help end these suicides. 

And we’re working to and hope the global community will help us get to the finish line so we can get this film to schools and families worldwide.

I certainly hope you get there, too! Did you ever feel overwhelmed with having to wear so many different hats (as interviewer, director, producer, et cetera)? 

During the filmmaking process, I never felt overwhelmed in directing, producing, writing the film… and conducting the interviews! Telling a meaningful story and working to help others inspires me. 

Although I love acting work I do in TV, Film, Theater, and am proud to be part of that collective group of artistry as an actress, being a Member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA), there is something especially inspiring in being able to shape a story as a Film Director. 

As a Film Director though, you have a deep feeling of responsibility to “get it right”, to make a difference. At times, the weight of the responsibility follows you because everyone else on the production looks to you for the answers and as the director you build the foundation for everyone who comes on board with the project to stand on. 

Sometimes that weight of responsibility can hit you at 3 a.m.when you’re looking to make sure everything is taken care of,  but as a Director, I have a goal and vision for a project, and I just focus on that.

As long as I have the tools and resources I need as a director, producer, I love the work that I do to create something that can help others.

The difficult part comes in with things beyond your control– the business side of filmmaking. Such as right now, where the film needs to raise the funds to get it to distribution. If you have a studio producing a film from the outset it is less stressful, but for all independent filmmakers there are many challenges on the funding side.

As has been mentioned in other interviews, I self-funded the pre-production/ filming production by the sale of my house, utilizing savings, business loans, grants, paychecks, to cover the costs, equipment, film crew payroll because I believed so strongly the film would have the enormous positive effect it is already having. I feel one can’t put a price on trying to save a life… 

When several students have confided at some preview screenings that prior to seeing the film they had been thinking of committing suicide because of bullying they were going through; and then said that after seeing our film, they saw the devastation their death would cause, saw someone cared, and said they’d now seek help instead –That to me has made the journey in making Bullies and Friends more than worth it. 

I and my film team are now having faith that the global community will step forward, whether companies or individuals, and contribute to our crowdfunding fundraiser to get Bullies and Friends delivered to the distribution company standing by waiting to release it worldwide!


Truly amazing the positive impact it’s already had and is making…Now, from following your Twitter page at, I’ve discovered that you and I share a love of canines! In fact, animals in general. Please share  your thoughts on animal rights/protection? 

And do you think that BSL and/or speciesism is a form of bullying, too?

I think all animals: (to list a few) dogs, cats, horses, dolphins, cows, tigers, elephants, rabbits, pigs, deer, giraffes, wolves, rhinos, bears, zebras, whales, ducks — So get from this I mean all animals —are born with compassion, intelligence, empathy and have an innocence and kindness that is beyond the human condition.  

Unfortunately, not all human beings are as caring as animals. A recent study found that elephants have a certain warning call they relay to each other for the presence of humans. Wow. This is a sad reflection on humans that elephants are so frightened of people they now have a specific warning cry. Elephants most likely have this due to the thousands of elephants being hunted and brutally murdered by horribly violent people.  

Thankfully, there are well known leaders like Prince William who are stepping forward to work to protect animals like elephants, etc., and there are many great and caring people who aren’t as well known and caring organizations like ASPCA, Humane Society, Animal Place, the Animal Legal Defense Fund who are working to protect elephants and all animals, and great people who volunteer at shelters and work to get cats and dogs who need families adopted.

I’ve had some amazing learning experiences including swimming near dolphins in the ocean, and interacting with one. Dolphins are friendly, caring, playful and kind. Another was when I was able to hand feed a giraffe some tree branches full of leaves -which the giraffe was eager to eat! The giraffe was graceful, elegant, gentle, as he took care while eating branch after branch from my hand not to harm me due to obviously I’m a lot smaller than him! These impactful experiences showed me what kind, thoughtful beings animals are.

On BSL and how some humans bully animals — No animal would do to humans what some people do to animals – of which I’m speaking about people who capture, imprison, abuse, kill animals. It’s wrong, disturbing and inhumane. 

I’m a passionate advocate for animal rights and human rights. No animal or human should be hunted, caged, tortured and killed.

Regarding our canine friends and BSL: I feel BSL is absolutely bullying (at minimum). At worst, it’s excused murder. 

“Breed specific legislation” is a term that morally bankrupt, misguided people came up with to further a cruel and hateful agenda out of fear and ignorance. The term actually just means legislated murder and/or legislated discrimination.

It’s unsettling some humans think we get to decide what animal should be “allowed” to live or exist. The discrimination and murder of animals based on an animals’ ethnicity or what an animal looks like – or what breed a human says that animal is – such as with “BSL” is deeply troubling. 

For those who aren’t familiar, BSL is a “policy” in Canada, Ireland, U.S. and elsewhere in which people in some government group decides they can fine you for having a dog, not allow you and your dog to live in a certain are, and in worst cases, take your family’s dog, imprison him/her and ultimately murder your dog- “man’s” best friend. 

We all must work as a society to remove these types of discriminatory practices. It can be changed. 


Many are working within the legal system to repeal these discriminatory “laws”. Most of the court actions that challenge “bsl” discrimination focus on constitutional issues like equal protection, and vagueness.

There was the globally known incident of “bel” which gained worldwide attention the past few years- the story of the sweet, kind, little dog named Lennox. 

Lennox, unfortunately, was born in Belfast, Ireland. Lennox had a family who loved him and whom he loved. His best friend was the family’s daughter, a little girl with special needs whom Lennox watched over, snuggled with and looked out for. 

But in Belfast, Ireland, the people who are on a city council decided amongst themselves one day that a dog who “looks like” a “pit bull” or certain “terrier” or a dog who happens to be born “pit bull” should be kidnapped by force from families’ homes, made to sit in squalor and filth in a cold, cement type of cell, and then executed by whatever means they choose – gassing them, shooting them, injecting them, etc.

This may be difficult to read but it’s important for people to know what’s going on in our society so we can work to change it. This discrimination/bullying is among the most cruel, and has many implications. That this type of discrimination and murder is allowed-which in my opinion are criminal acts- defies comprehension. 

All of us in society need to repeal “bsl” and any other frightening policy that gives someone the right to murder another. We as a society must ensure there are protective laws making sure that no human or animal being can be discriminated against; tortured and killed because of ethnicity, what they look like, or discriminated against for any other reason.

The little girl who was Lennox’s best friend has to live with the knowledge the rest of her life that people barged into her family’s home, and despite her mother and father’s cries not to capture and remove their family member named Lennox, a peaceful, quiet dog who never did anyone harm, was chained, dragged out and placed in a concrete slab cell and killed after two years of imprisonment. 

It saddens me beyond words that Lennox was frightened and wondering as he sat in dirt, cold, chained, in a concrete dark cell for two years why he was captured; where his family and best friend was, and why he was made to suffer. 


It was shocking how this city council was allowed to operate like this and still is as of this moment. 

With this incident, well known people including Victoria Stilwell of TV’s Animal Planet Channel, flew to Belfast to provide her own personal transport of Lennox to the U.S. and known “dog whisperer” Cesar Millan offered to assist and get Lennox from Ireland to the U.S.; legendary boxer Lennox Lewis offered support for the gentle dog who had his name. But the Belfast council refused and after imprisoning Lennox for years in an “undisclosed” location cell, killed him. For more on the true story one can read one of the CNN reports on it, and various other media including links below. This 2 year incident captured hearts and started petitions across the globe.

I speak on this so strongly because we all need to act to remove these types of horrific policies. As I speak out on bullying prevention – it includes bullying prevention for anyone among us, whether animal or human being. 

If we, as a society, discriminate against an animal being’s ethnicity, it is not a far connection to make that it can give way to discrimination of a human being’s ethnicity. And to discriminate against animal beings or human beings is wrong. We’ve seen in human history the horror discrimination can lead to.


I hope it answered your question- and I apologize for the lengthy reply – but in talking about saving lives – it is too important to be brief.

I couldn’t agree more. Great answers! Thank you for the enlightened responses. Switching gears, what other projects are on the horizon? 

On to a lighter question! 

Yes, but I’m so glad we’ve touched on what we have! As a vegetarian (for over 7 years now for ethical reasons)/aspiring vegan, obviously animal rights are important to me, too! And, I loathe discrimination of any kind.

For right now, the Documentary Film Bullies and Friends and its important fundraising campaign on Indiegogo, and then our work to be able to get the film to the distribution company so the film can be distributed to schools and audiences worldwide to aid in bullying prevention is my and the film team’s focus. 

We invite everyone to support and be a part of the amazing journey of Bullies and Friends, and its Bullying Prevention Movement at and


I’m also very much looking to free up some time now and more time once the film is on its way, to get back to doing more Acting work in Film, TV, and Theater! 

Additionally, I’m continuing to do my speaking work on bullying prevention, and my team and I are working on the development of Narrative Feature Film Screenplays, and Documentary Films that focus on important issues and make a positive difference for people, animals and the environment. 

Our independent film company always welcomes collaborations for meaningful projects!

Truly great to know! Where can readers go to connect with you and your wonderful work? (social networking sites, etc.)  Official Film Site with film trailer, campaign video – and information upcoming on our Bullying Prevention Outreach Tour Official Campaign Page where everyone across the globe can be directly Involved with the Film, its Bullying Prevention Movement and Youth Suicide Prevention cause.  Info on my Acting/Film work; Speaking Engagements

Like Film at: 

Follow Film:

Can chat with me on twitter:

For more information 


Photo Credit:  Nancy Jo Gilchrist

Interview with Steve Nagy (AKA ‘The Mad Hungarian’)!

Published February 26, 2014 by glgiles




Steve Nagy is “known as “The MAD Hungarian” and [is] a HUGE Dallas Cowboys FAN!! [His] book, “MY 101 Reasons to LOVE the Dallas Cowboys and 10 Reasons to Despise the Phil. Eagles and Their Fans!” is available for purchase on NUMEROUS websites!! These include, but are not limited to, CDBABY.COM, AMAZON.COM, EMUSIC.COM, BBLA.COM (click onto links section), ETC.. [He has] appeared on KVCE 1160 AM Radio (TX), as well as The Yes Network (#1 RSN in the country!) & WCTC 1450 AM (NJ). [His] books have been endorsed by individuals such as Ted Leonsis (owner of The Washington Capitals/Wash. Wizards/The Verizon Center), Bobby Thomson (The man who hit, “The Shot Heard ‘Round The World”) [and] Chris Shearn (Yes Network)” (


GL:  You are well-known for writing about sports and the WWE. Where can readers go to read what you’ve written about these?


SN:  Yes, I’ve been a fan of both since I was a kid in the early ’80s. I’m a HUGE fan of the Yankees, Cowboys, Capitals & Notre Dame Football. I practically watch every game. I guess that’s why I’m still single! LOL!. A couple of years ago I decided to turn my passion into a book. In 2006 I started a book about my favorite moments in Dallas Cowboys’ history. In 2010 that first manuscript was made into a CD. I titled the audiobook, “MY 101 Reasons to LOVE the Dallas Cowboys & 10 Reasons to DESPISE the Philadelphia Eagles & Their Fans!”. The CD is available on most major websites that sell audiobooks. Here is the link to one of them , .


In terms of the WWE, I have written a book about my favorite moments, however this one has not been published yet. What was really cool about it though, was that I was able to get some LIVE interviews from “old school” WWE HOF that I first watched and admired as a kid. Hopefully the public will get a chance to read it sooner than later.


GL:  I love your humorous tweets and I also enjoy the talent you feature at your ‘FANS OF “The MAD Hungarian”‘ Facebook group. Where can readers go to connect with you? (social networking sites, etc.)  


SN:  I guess my favorite one would be twitter, @nagysnest. Please follow, as I do have a lot of celebrities that follow me. Therefore the conversations are ALWAYS interesting! I’m also on a website called, STAGE 32. It’s a great place to meet people in the entertainment industry from all over the WORLD! . By the way, I will eventually respond, so please check out the sites and let’s rap.    


GL:  As a lyricist, too, I’m always fascinated with what kind of music those I interview listen to. From following your Twitter posts, I’ve gleaned that you like hip-hop and country music. Who are some of your favorite singers/bands?


SN:  Oh yes, especially being originally from NJ, hip-hop is a must! My favorite rapper of ALL-TIME, who I believe is considered the best, is “The Notorious B.I.G”. He represented East Coast and is someone who I would put in my top 10 influencers in my life. In terms of country, there was always country music being played in my house growing up. Mostly “The Outlaws” : (George Jones, Hank Williams JR. & SR., Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, etc.). Even though they are before my time, “The Beatles” are my favorite group of ALL-TIME. Which would lead me to my favorite solo artist, John Lennon. I could write pages on how he has inspired my life. I wish I had an opportunity to meet him. Today it’s kind of cool that his wife, Yoko Ono, follows me on twitter. That is an honor. My favorite song is, “Imagine”.  


GL:  I love “Imagine,” too. Great melody and lyrics! Switching gears, I enjoyed your serenade of Christy Bella Joiner at:

How did that come about?


SN:  In Jan. 2012 we had worked on a cancer awareness article together. Here was our article:



GL:  What’s in the pipeline for the rest of 2014?  


SN:  Well currently I’m working with award-winning filmmaker Cassidy McMillan in helping her to promo her documentary film, “Bullies And Friends”. Here is an interview that we were a part of on 12/14/13: . I’m also looking to be part of a movie, as I have recently meet some directors in person & via twitter that feel I would cast well as a cop in a horror film. I agree with them. I’m also exploring my comedic side as I’ve always loved to tell jokes and entertain people. I have a couple of original jokes that I have been tweeting to known legends in the comedy world. As a matter of fact I have the honor of being followed on twitter by Dana Carvey. This past weekend, Louie Anderson also commented on this joke that I sent him,   “Asked my friend an excuse to give AA sponsor for missing meeting. He said, tell him that I was hungover from last night!” Do you want to know what Louie said?! Then you got to follow ME, @nagysnest is the place to be! 


GL:  LOL! I saw that, and readers know where to go to check it out, too. Cheers!