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So much fun being interviewed by the lovely ladies of the “Killer Queens” podcast!

Published October 20, 2015 by glgiles

You can listen to it here.


Interview with Michael Sargent of “Write to be Heard” (Turquoise Radio)

Published August 6, 2013 by glgiles

Turquoise Radio Pic

Introduction of Michael Sargent—from Turquoise Radio (

“Michael Sargent brings exclusively to Turquoise Radio his all new show – Write to be heard.  If you like books then you will love this show! 

Every week Michael will feature an up and coming author and not only read extracts from their work but feature information about the authors, interviews and much more.  It’s hard to get started in the world of writing but Michael brings aspiring authors who have real talent to the public eye.  Brought to you from our Kentucky studios you can hear Michael on Wednesday’s at 01:00 (UK) / Tuesday’s at 20:00 (EST) and the show will repeat on Sundays at 15:00 (UK) / 10:00 (EST)” (


GL: So much fun being interviewed by you on Turquoise Radio for your “Write to be Heard” show! And, thanks for letting me talk you into appearing here on my blog, Michael. For those not familiar with Turquoise Radio, what makes it more than simply a local web-based station? (Is it global? Based out of the UK?)

MS: GL, I am happy you had a positive experience on the show and you certainly were a pleasure to interview. You really do have what I call a “bright” voice and I suspect you could easily make the transition to video. As for me, well, it was suggested that I wear a bag over my head during my radio interviews-and this after the station manager seeing me only once-on Skype!
Turquoise radio is unlike any other station in the sense that it is not based out of one central location, but brought together by a network of presenters, each with their own niche area and all based in various locations around the world (although it does have a strong UK flavoring!). This model allows each presenter to develop their own show while giving the listener a diverse range of programming, ranging from specific interest areas like “Write to be Heard” for authors, to programs for new music artists, chat shows, lifestyle advice, and of course diverse musical genres. To my knowledge, there really is nothing else like it out there right now, although I suspect others will end up copying the model. Here at Turquoise Radio, we genuinely feel that our model represents a natural evolution (or maybe even revolution!) in broadcast radio. To clarify a little, the broadcast (and listener) experience is evolving. FM transmitters in the UK, for example, will be phased out in the next few years, while at the same time internet radio can be accessed across many platforms (PCs/laptops/tablets/smartphones)-practically anything that has internet access-and the access need not be expensive. Wi-fi enabled AM/FM counter top radios are readily available at practically any big box retailer.

GL: So, where does your “Write to be Heard” show (on Turquoise Radio) hail from?

MS: From “The Land of Fast Horses and Beautiful Women (and Bourbon-lots of Bourbon)”. From the home of the “Fastest Two Minutes in Sports”, the Kentucky Derby, from the home of the current Sugar Bowl and NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball Champions (and numerous other NCAA titles), from the home of the Louisville Slugger and Muhammad Ali-well you get the picture!

GL: Got it, Michael, and why am I suddenly thirsty?! 🙂 Was the “Write to be Heard” show brought about to give new authors, or relatively unknown authors, the ‘Right to be Heard’ in the competitive and arguably saturated field of writing?

MS: Exactly, GL. You don’t have to be a published author. In fact, my very first guest is not a published author and her work wasn’t even finished! I believe all authors-regardless of whether they have been published or not-can contribute to the dialogue about the journey of writing itself, which is actually the bigger story! It is my understanding that there are very few traditional publishing houses left, and that those few can’t possibly handle the volume of new authors seeking review of their work. That leaves e-publishing and variants of self-publishing. Each presents its’ own set of challenges and potential rewards. My goal is to remove at least one barrier between author and audience-getting heard at all-from the equation. Having said that, I am neither literary critic nor expert; I simply hold the microphone and let the author and audience work it out.

GL: What does it mean for the fans of “Write to be Heard” that Turquoise Radio is now the flagship radio station for Prime Media Worldwide?

MS: The merging of the Prime Media Worldwide Group with Turquoise radio will result in the launch, in the coming year, of the Prime Radio Network. We will be making available our diverse range of programming to even more stations around the world. This means that fans of Write to be Heard will be able to tune in not only on Turquoise Radio, but on any others that wish to broadcast the show.

GL: That’s great news, indeed! Switching gears, I’ve heard that you’re an aspiring writer yourself. What are you currently working on?

MS: The Next Great American Novel/Movie Trilogy, when completed, will of course be completely incredible (how could it not be, I’ve been working on it for 20 years). Without getting too specific, my story revolves around a central character whose journey of spiritual growth spans lifetimes and takes place over three eras; two of these eras occurring in the past with an eye toward historical accuracy and significance, with the third occurring in the not so distant future. Through my personal writing experience I have certainly gained an appreciation for the challenges an author faces in creating, and then attempting to publish, his or her work.

GL: I’ll look forward to reading it, Michael! Now, while it’s probably best to not start off by publishing sophomoric writing, do you think that there’s also the possibility of being overly-formulaic (due to only studying and being well-informed of the tactics of many bestselling authors) in your writing?

MS: Excellent question. Hard to develop your style if you’re copying someone else’s. Be you-that’s where the magic is. The best answer I can give overall is based in part on the wisdom and experience of some of the guests on my show: Find your passion, know your passion, and then sit down and write like hell-editing can come later.

GL: Where can readers go to connect with you and to check out your wonderful “Write to be Heard” show?

MS: Look for me on our site,, under “Shows and Presenters”. You can friend me on facebook (Michael Sargent presenter at Turquoise Radio) or drop me a line:

Thanks again, Michael!

Thank you, GL, for honoring me with this opportunity to spread the word about “Write to be Heard”. I look forward to speaking with you again about your next work…