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Published December 29, 2016 by glgiles

Goddess Be with Ye, 2016! (A year of challenges with lots of brilliant artists of many kinds passing, et cetera. Yet, it was also a year of wonderful new beginnings for me~~~)

Hel-o, 2017! (Speaking of Goddesses, I have been fond of the Norse Hel for some time) So looking forward to you, New Year~~~




***I have titled this piece I painted “Bridged.” It is symbolic of bridging the old year with the new, etc.~~~

***2017 is also the year that my fun-filled ‘gap years’ come to a close, as I am excited to be inspired again creatively, so 2017 will (hopefully) be the year that the fictional world inside my head is successfully bridged by real world publication again.

***In addition, there are also plenty of hilarious high jinks already ensuing with me playing around on the illustrating side of things thanks to my new iPad Pro (I so dig it!)

Love, Light & Darkness,

GL Giles



Fun Talking to Jason D. with MPP on Kinetic HiFi Radio Recently! :)

Published May 14, 2013 by glgiles

You can hear me on the second half of his radio show in this recording—I’m talking mostly about my children’s picture books:  “Hurricane Hound” and “I Want My Kitty Cat TV!”


Go to the My Positive Perspective Archives (from 2-27-13) on Kinetic HiFi Radio at this link to listen: http://kinetichifi.com/mypositiveperspective/archives/